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Thursday, August 25, 2011

USA Economy is DOOMED and here is why!


It's quite OBVIOUS that the ONLY thing that can keep the United States economy from completely collapsing is MORE DEBT! More exponential credit growth! The reflation of the still bursting credit bubble!

Here's a picture and a good article on this.. Death by Debt

Here is a google search for "bad credit loans" it returns 44,900,000 results

A search for my own city/town "bad credit loans joplin mo" returns 72,900 while the POPULATION for the whole town is under 40,000!

And WHO ever talks about auto dealers? Auto dealers have a license to steal to this very day!

"bad credit auto loans" returns 8,500,000 results!

It's IMPOSSIBLE to hope that this economy will ever recover.. Everyone is BURIED in debt! And the ONLY thing that can possibly save the economy is exponentially MORE DEBT! That is the NATURE of a ponzi scheme!

Until the government & FED seriously address predatory sub-prime lending and usury this economy is doomed. Trouble is, the day that government and FED DO address predatory lending and usury this economy is doomed!

Because it IS a debt based ponzi scheme economy


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