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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A mysterious economic email that just appeared in my inbox - #DOW #corrupt #Washington #FED #depression #inflation #market #economy

Via @ATTechFX on twitter < HIGHLY recommended follow if you do not already do so

I didn't WRITE this but I sure do WISH I had! I think it's RIGHT ON THE FIAT! (Oops.. right on the money I meant..)

With the DOW down -409 points at the time of this writing, and gold hitting $1822, (another all-time record high), words like “parabolic” are starting to seep into the headlines…

The QE heroine from the past two years is wearing off, and as expected, the economy is falling into withdrawal.

The entire global system is headed for a massive depression of epic proportions that SHOULD have taken place back in 2008.

Just as wildfires keep forests healthy by burning off dead, insect-infested wood and brush, these massive resets that take place every 80-100 years are nature’s way of clearing the corrupt and diseased within the economy, in order to reset the system and create an opportunity for a new cycle of growth.

So is this the big sell-off that will take the markets down 40-70% over the next few weeks or months?

It should be.

But Washington and the Fed will do everything within their power to prevent that from happening, because it will be their heads on the line if it does.

Their only course of action left is to literally buy the Billions of dollars in stocks being sold, and flood the world with freshly printed currency. They have been doing both with zeal.

Obviously, these are the desperate moves of con artists who are out of ideas and options, and the American people are going to take it in the ass not once, but twice in the form of a hyperinflationary-depression. (Pardon the vulgarity, but I prefer blunt honesty over political correctness).

Whatever you have in the markets will be toast as they collapse, and whatever you have in savings will be turned into toilet paper through inflation.


The stock market is completely rigged. When the Fed can just come in on a down day like this one and simply buy the indexes until it ends up green again, you’re participating in a scam.

The dollars in your bank account are fake pieces of dirty paper that represent your lifelong repayment of debt to sociopaths.

The “miracle market” that is China is a complete fraud filled with more than 22 FAKE Apple stores. Do you really think an economy that’s based on lies, fraud, bribery, and communism will lead the world into a new era of growth?!?! Really!?

It’s all coming down folks.

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