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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bankers and President | Please check this out



by John Vodila


Bankers and Presidents with principles of liberty… Like hot sauce on pancakes,

This is a compilation of connections between assassinations and attempted assassinations of United states Presidents.

This report does not even touch on the long list of other Senators, Congressmen and private citizens that have been assassinated or have had attempts on their lives.
You will be taking a profound look into a very deep and dark part of our history remotely exploring the links between the banking and political systems of our nation.

I believe there is no limit to the evil some will impose upon this nation and the world to keep their greed, wealth, control and power over the people in check.

Debt and income taxes are slavery, it is power and control over you and I, the system we have today is a perpetuating debt engine always thirsty and always being well maintained by the debt controllers…the International Private Bankers.

Attemted assassination:
Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. President, 1829-1824

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