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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was thinking about mouse traps


I was thinking about mouse traps today.. I had to buy one the other day so made a trip to Atwood's.

You can only buy a package of two traps.. If you only want one you're just kinda screwed..

They had these spiffy plastic mouse traps (two to a package)..

They wanted 5 bucks for these.. $2.50 each.. I have no clue as to why they might be worth 5 times as much as the wooden ones..

And then they had the trusty old standard mouse trap with a wood base..

And these were, a package, of two for 99 cents.. or 50 cents each..

Is plastic that much more expensive than wood?

I got the trusty old, cheaper, wooden ones..

But I was thinking.. How much does it cost to manufacture one of these? A penny? Two pennies? If that..

Anyway.. now I have one dead mouse and an extra trap.. I think I'll make one of those mouse trap driven cars.. That might be cool..



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