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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The ONLY candidate in my book is Ron Paul


Have you noticed that in today's political environment ALL candidates are required to "play to" the main stream media? Required to "support" the status quo or be ripped apart in the press?

Watch the republican candidates back down quickly from truth they may have accidentally uttered to friendly audiences..

Michele Bachmann’s Big Presidential Campaign Walkbacks

Mitt Romney Backtracks: Economy Not Worse Under Obama

Can't you see that all these so-called presidential candidates kiss the ass of the main stream media out of fear that if they don't they will be destroyed by that same media? Just like "I am not a witch" Christine O'Donnell

Once you get the main stream media on your ass, smelling blood, you are, politically speaking, done for.

This puts serious politicians in the position of being required to keep the media, not the voters, happy.

And who runs the main stream media if not corporations and the political machines of corporations and Washington political parties?

Try to find a single instance of Ron Paul flip flopping.. Very tough , if not impossible, to do.


Because Ron Paul MEANS what he says! He is honest and serves his country with great integrity while focusing on real answers to real problems. He never reverses himself on anything because he never says anything wrong, hurtful, untrue.

For this reason he is virtually IGNORED, if not out right ridiculed, by the main stream media.

You can be SURE of one thing.. Washington elites, the FED, banks, corrupt greedy corporations, all of them are scared to death of Ron Paul BECAUSE all of them are scared to death of HONESTY! They are ALL perfectly content with theft through fraud, corruption, predatory lending and usury.

Merely my own opinion on display.. while that is still possible in this country..



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