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Thursday, August 18, 2011

FINALLY a Politician has the balls to accuse Bernanke & the FED of Treason!


Here is an example of how ALL politicians are expected to "Please the MEDIA at all costs, above everything else". This is the political mentality we seem to be STUCK with!

(IMHO THIS is NO way to present your case to the public! This mentality I would call "walking on eggshells"! As far as I'm concerned the main stream media can go (fill in the blank). Let's try some HONESTY and REAL debate for a change!)

"Being a campaigning politician is tricky. You want to be sure you speak to your base without alienating other potential voters. You need to make sure that your speeches are clear, concise, and memorable, without risking misinterpretation. And you want to make sure to use strong rhetoric and make firm promises to show that you are a real and competent leader, without making it seem like you’d sign off on the murder of, say, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke." <Source>

It's NOT that complicated! Try telling the TRUTH!

Of course the f'ing FED lovers are coming out of the woodwork! This clearly demonstrates how NO politician in EITHER party is EVER allowed to criticize the Federal Reserve Bank or it's ChairSatan! (to borrow a phrase from @zerohedge) And why TF is that?! You ask.. Because the politicians are OWNED lock, stock and barrel BY the Federal Reserve Bank / Primary Dealers / Banks and multinational corporations, "SPECIAL" interests and lobbyists! DUH!

All any of them seem to be interested in is accounting fraud!

But anyway.. I'm not a Rick Perry supporter because he is merely a politician trying to "take advantage" of the Tea Party.

Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL!


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