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Friday, August 19, 2011

#government collusion? Help me figure this out? #UAW

A few excerpts from a story in today's paper so I can ask YOU to help me figure something out.. Link to the full story below.

But dealers say sales likely won't collapse in the second half of 2011, as they did in 2009. That's because banks are lending more freely,

(THIS bothers me! Because generally speaking lease deals are a huge ripoff.. When you turn your car back in dealers will generally try to hit you for THOUSANDS of dollars for any little minuscule scratches they can find.)
and lease deals, which went away during the recession, are making a comeback.
Also, older cars will still need to be replaced. The average age of a car in the U.S. is 10.6 years, up more than a full year from 2008, according to the research firm Polk.

(Cut cut cut & talk up talk up talk up)
J.D. Power and Associates cut its 2011 sales forecast last week by 2 percent, to 12.6 million new cars and trucks. It cut its 2012 forecast by 3 percent, to 14.1 million. Ford Motor Co. is sticking with its sales forecast of around 13 million for the year.

"We're not getting back to what was considered normal or healthy as quickly as possible, but it's still a pretty strong progression," says Jeff Schuster, executive director of global forecasting for J.D. Power. Sales bottomed at 10.4 million in 2009.

(And HERE is the reason for this post and the question I have that I could use some help resolving..)
Since that year [2009], [[the U.S. auto industry has grown remarkably, adding jobs faster than the economy as a whole]].

The industry has added about 77,000 jobs since June of 2009. That's [[an increase of 12 percent, compared with a rise of 0.2 percent for the economy overall]].

[Most of you already know how little trust / confidence (NONE!) I have in government.. Here is what bothers me about the above.. The obama administration nationalized GM & Chrysler in 2009.. They also gave control, or at least very large stakes, in the companies to the unions, UAW. So it just makes me wonder what kind of "backroom" deals were cut between the administration and these two auto companies / union??? Knowing the shape of the U.S. economy then and now I might suggest a qid pro quo exists between the administration and these auto dealers such as, we will save your ass and give the UAW control if you will hire workers, regardless of business conditions, at a rate much higher than what the general economy is able to produce.

Is the rebound in hiring in the auto industry nothing but more government fraud and manipulation of the private sector in an effort to further stave off the Great Reset? How could we ever find out if that is true???]

Here is a link to the nasty deal from 2009 Obama Arranges Takeover of GM and Chrysler; Auto Workers Union Gets Huge Stake

Link to full AP story Car dealers fear economy could scare off buyers

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