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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Pizza Chain

There is a local pizza chain here in town. I won't name them because I like their pizza but it starts with a 'D'. At any rate they had this 'deal' we always liked at my house, the three of us. It was two large two topping pizzas and chicken kickers and cheesy bread for, at the time, like 19.99. Now that was about 5, maybe even 6, years ago. Over time the price of that deal climbed to 23.99. I'm almost sure I heard not long ago that it's close to 28.00 now. For the same deal... On my calculator that looks like about a 40% INCREASE!

The Fed and Washington have been assuring us for a long time that everything is fine, interest rates are low, credit is easy and inflation is 'under control'. I guess the question I have is just exactly whose control was it under? And for what purpose? For, while we heard that inflation was 'under control' on, what seemed at times, to be a daily basis the price of nearly everything seems to have climbed a great deal to me. I truly believe the 'powers that be' have manipulated everything about our economy, that they possibly could, for a very long time now. They urged us all to spend, George Bush, post 9/11 "Go to the malls". I think that might be the moment it started. I am coming to believe that almost every sector of business is in fact a 'bubble'. Autos obviously were. The banks/financials obviously. Ditto the Mortgage companies... Credit card companies... And I believe the fast food industry has been stealing us blind for years now.

Isn't that all a 'bubble' is after all? An industry becoming so consumed by the collection of our money that they think of nothing else? Even to their own detriment?

I think utilities are a 'bubble' as well. The utility companies seem to always have their collective hands out for the rate increases that they must have. Be it to upgrade facilities, keep up with demand, whatever the flavor of the rate increase might be. I guess cap and trade would help them out a lot. Is it but one more instance of the Obama administration attempting to prevent the bursting of yet another 'bubble'?

I have already decided myself that all health care reform/legislation is designed to do is prevent the bursting of another 'bubble'. Mainly by transfering tax payer dollars to insurance companies. Because insurance companies are a 'bubble' . Ditto drug companies. 'Bubble'. The drug companies goal seems to be to get every American citizen on every applicable drug possible. As fast as possible. For revenue. They're experiencing a 'bubble' you know? I have pretty much decided a 'bubble' simply means a license to steal.

I generally call them "money grabs" myself, seems to help me spot them easier.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that inflation has been with us all along. But our Government, under George Bush and now under Barak Obama, often feel as if the truth might get in the way of how they would prefer things are perceived. I never used to believe all the "George Bush is for the rich" shrieking I heard from the left. But now I just don't know. I don't really know what to believe about America anymore. It appears to me that our Government concealed from us the truth, for their own personal gain. That they created and inflated the 'bubbles' gleefully as the cash rolled in from nearly every direction. Much of it landed with them as well you know? Like Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank. They played us all for fools. And what wonderful fools we have been. I'm afraid that, I personally, feel it is too late for us to regain control of our country now... Not without first experiencing a great deal of pain.

I just don't play anymore. I don't play their stupid, partisan, games. I don't follow their stupid rules. A few years ago I started living the way I wanted to. Responsibly. It's great fun really. I have a tiny amount of debt on a decent car to drive. We don't really need all the 'stuff' our wonderful economy has to offer. We have each other in my house. We have family/friends elsewhere. We have food to eat. We have clothes to wear. We have utilities (damnit...), we have a roof over our heads. We don't miss Government in our lives. We don't want Government in our lives.

Maybe Washington is a 'bubble' too... They sure do seem pretty desperate to get their hands on our tax dollars...

Since I certainly I don't have a clue as far as what politician is telling me the truth. I assume none of them are, to be safe.

If we get another chance, just one more chance, to be a shining free republic I hope we do a better job. Next time... if there is a next time...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Utopia, Chaos, Anarchy and Salvation


a. often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.

Is it a 'real' place? Or is it like Atlantis? Long sought after, impossible to find? What an amazingly WONDERFUL definition it has! And yet so far from what we have created with our 6,000 year rule.


cha·os (ks)
1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble

Unfortunately more accurate? Would we intentionally choose this option? Have we?


an·ar·chy (nr-k)
n. pl. an·ar·chies
1. Absence of any form of political authority.
2. Political disorder and confusion.
3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

Is this the next stop along the way? Is it happening now? Can anything be done to stop or slow it? Is it... too late?


sal·va·tion (sl-vshn)
a. Preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty, or evil.
b. A source, means, or cause of such preservation or deliverance.
2. Christianity
a. Deliverance from the power or penalty of sin; redemption.
b. The agent or means that brings about such deliverance.

Is this what we need? Would it lead us out of confusion and chaos, prevent anarchy, lead to Utopia???

As I have stated here previously, I am not a particularly religious person in life, or in practice. Yet I have a great love of, and respect for, religion. I have spent many years of my life absorbing all the information I can about religious practices from around the world. Just for fun. Just because I haven't ever tired of the tremendous amount of historical information that is available on the subject. The when's, the why's, the how's, the who's, etc... It seems to me, based on what I have learned, that in the past religion was most often used, by a controlling elite (ie; the Church in the past), as a means to control some/many of the undesirable behaviors of man. As defined by the then ruling elite.

Was this, is this, a valid use of authority? Or was it/is it an attempt to stifle the free will and creativity of man? Would God approve of the intentional prevention of the exercise of free will? I don't know. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I don't pretend to have any of the answers. I have only questions. MILLIONS of them! Constantly... I question everything. I dissect everything. I examine everything. If I had to explain what it is I seek I guess the word would have to be 'logic'. 'What makes sense' and 'what does not'? Don't we all do this in our daily lives? But of course this is 'problematic'. By design? What may be 'logic' to me may, at the same time, be utter non-sense to someone else.

How is this possible? How have we ended up where we are? And, I suppose more importantly, where are we? Mankind has ruled the planet for 6,000 years. We have no doubt 'evolved'. But, can evolution not also be digressive? Is it possible to 'evolve' in the wrong direction? To 'evolve' merely means to 'change gradually'. It does not denote a necessarily correct path at all, only slow gradual change. I guess my pretense here is that perhaps for decades, perhaps for centuries, perhaps for millennia, those who have attempted to 'control' our evolution have been going in the wrong direction all along, slowly, gradually. So are we sheep? And if we are then, why? What have we 'lost' along the way? What have we 'given up' that maybe we shouldn't have? And who have we given it up to?!

Talking, as usual it seems, about the ruling elite. Wondering why we, Americans, humans in general, submit ourselves to such controlling influences? Is it merely because we have always done so? Throughout time it seems...

Is it really time for change? This time? Do we have the capability, the desire, the will to effect real change? Could this really be the end of an age? Is there something that we are all searching for? Do the net and communication networks, social networks, make the difference? Do these things make change possible?

I think they do. I think things have already changed a great deal. I see it in many people I know. I see it around the world to one degree or another. But, what will it take to effect real change? A new beginning, a new era, a new reality, an enlightened society, indeed a utopia. We simply need to unite around a common theme, a shared cause. We need to find import and hope in our lives. We need to find a desire to fix what is wrong and do what is right.

But alas, therein the problem lies. It seems, at times, that we are incapable of uniting for change for the better. It seems to me, we knowingly continue to allow ourselves to be governed by the ruling elite. Has our long evolution simply been headed in the wrong direction for a very long time?

So what in the hell IS going on?

Politics, in a word, is what has gone wrong in the world. Politicians have usurped power from the Church for their own use in shaping, changing, controlling the human experience. Politicians use great complexity, rather than morality, to control us, to control our behavior. Politicians divide us along party lines. They divide us on 'issues' of supposed import. Guns, abortion, civil rights, many others... I think this is, and has been for a very long time, the single most powerful weapon the political elite wield over us, their ability to divide us, one against the other.

When will we ever be able to understand that we, Americans, humans, are but pawns in a much larger game? It's all nothing more than a huge, exciting political game run by financial elites. I'm not breaking any new ground here. This idea has been kicked around for generations now. But, now it seems so painfully obvious, the corruption and greed at all levels of government, the corruption and greed that has captured our capitalistic system, our corporations.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles...

It has become obvious to me that the government of the United States is currently terrified that the bursting of yet more bubbles is imminent. We went through the housing bubble, we are going through the credit bubble still. Add to these a health care bubble, an energy bubble and commodities are still bubbling away as well.

The big push for health care 'reform' at all costs. The desperation in forcing this health care legislation down everyone's throat as fast as possible, helps to prove the point that, in fact, health care IS the next bubble to burst. Listening to the President a bit last night it struck me when I heard a few of the numbers that are now being thrown out there to support the rush to nationalized health care. 50 million uninsured, 1,300 health insurance companies, 14,000 Americans per day are 'losing their health care coverage'.

Are they, in fact, 'losing' their coverage? Or, more likely in my opinion, are they canceling their health insurance due to job loss and/or other expenses/problems? In this economy, unemployment, lower wages, fewer hours, many Americans are diligently looking for ways to cut expenses and increase cash flow. It doesn't take very long at all for anyone to spot the thousands of dollars a year, in potential savings, that are being handed over to insurance companies. It's a gamble for sure... but one apparently worth taking for many Americans.

With many Americans VOLUNTARILY dropping health care coverage to save money who gets hurt? The 1,300 insurance companies who sell it! The drug companies, who receive the money from the insurance companies, who bill the consumer for 'the possible need of medical services at some point'. I will not be surprised to see MOST relatively healthy people canceling health insurance to save cash.

THAT is the problem that government, not Democrats, not Republicans, but government faces now. The entire medical industry has done the same thing the banks and mortgage companies have done. They have effectively priced themselves out of business. We have been told for YEARS now that inflation is practically non-existent and certainly not a problem. What?!

Apparently, incredibly, most big business is completely ignorant when it comes to how their pricing structures affect average Americans. They raise prices dramatically for as long as they can and as fast as they can. Did NONE of them ever wonder what might happen if they actually over-priced their products and/or services? If, in fact, they created a bubble?

It's another case of big business, industry, destroying the very customer base on which they depend for revenue! And for what purpose? In pursuit of the almighty dollar. To drive profits. To increase share price for share holders. To keep sales and profits humming along. They have all been so blinded by the 'pursuit of money', by the 'love of money', that they have COMPLETELY lost touch with not only their own customers, but with reality itself.

Now, in a desperate attempt to fix the situation, the Congress wants to FORCE everyone to pay into a BROKEN health care system. It is but one more money grabbing effort by the government. They pumped Trillions of tax payer dollars into the financial system, into the very entities that CAUSED most all of the problems. They handed over Billions of tax payer dollars to $AIG, to the auto industry/unions, basically tax payer dollars are available to anyone with their hand out, it appears. Now they want to pump Trillions into the health care industry to prop it up as well! To protect NOT US but the insurance companies, the drug companies, the inefficient hospitals and money grabbing Doctors. That's the thing that makes me so mad. None of it is about US at all. None of it is really about 'all Americans having access to quality affordable health care'. That SOUNDS wonderful and that's why they all continue to repeat it over and over. But, it is only more 'how can we fool them today?', more 'smoke and mirrors'. It's but one more attempt to grab tax payer dollars to prop up unsustainable industry. They are even talking about requiring everyone to carry health insurance, by law, like we have with auto insurance now. This is ridiculous! We are required to carry 'liability' and uninsured motorist. These are to protect OTHER DRIVERS, not ourselves. If we want to risk covering damages to our own vehicle we still have the option to do that. It sounds as if soon we will no longer have the ability to decide whether or not we want to risk covering our own health care costs.

The Congress has never passed a 'law' that requires every American to purchase a specific product from a specific industry/sector. Not that I know of. Yet that is where they are headed and what they want to do. They are panicked. They are panicked big time. Because they see what further 'bubble bursting' will do to this weakened economy. Push it over the edge... off the cliff...

I no longer have any doubt that our Government is going to collapse. The economy is shot to hell, the consumer is dead in the water, the entire pricing structure of the economy is askew, real supply and demand curves seem to no longer exist, the dollar is going to hell, geopolitical problems abound, fighting expensive wars, the markets NEED DESPERATELY to correct but the Government CANNOT allow it to happen. They seek desperately to re-inflate an economy with absolutely no help from the consumer. Look for further money grabbing adventures in the energy and commodity sectors. We probably will end up with 'inflation from hell' at some point. Or whatever other really cool 'tricks of the trade' the FED and Treasury can come up with. Maybe Obama should just tell us all to 'go to the mall, go to the mall and shop and stuff.'

Politicians truly are pathetic, all of them. I think they are already well aware of the fact that it's Game Over... It's TOO screwed, they can't fix anything now, it's too late, they only continue to make things worse. I think the politicians get it, it's really Game Over this time... We're not 'bubbling' we're BOILING! Alive...

So what's next?

There are some things I would like to see... Things like Hope and Change (Change we can believe in) I hope that people around the world will begin to realize, finally, that hope and that change MUST come from US, the people, not Governments and Central Banks... I hope that people will tire of taking marching orders from those who seek only to divide and confuse. Those who lie and conceal the truth. Those who seek to use every tool at their disposal AGAINST us, not for us. For no other purpose than to protect their own wealth and power. They have all, government and big business, sold us out for money and power... Now they want our help. I want to help. I want to change the world...

And... YES WE CAN!

I truly believe that we CAN change society for the better, the world over. But WE have to do it OURSELVES. We obviously can no longer trust Governments to look out for us. We have to find a way to convert those who support the nanny state idea. We have to get through to those who couldn't care less what happens to the human experiment, those who are far more interested in American Idol than the Federal Reserve Banking System. We must kindle an interest in the the true meaning of life. We CAN and, IMHO, MUST change things.

And it's a very simple thing to do really... All we have to do is make up our collective minds that we will NO LONGER PLAY THEIR GAMES. WE WILL NO LONGER FOLLOW THEIR RULES. We each must do what we know is right and just. We must rebuild society from the ground up. We must all turn our backs on their greed, corruption and manipulation.

And what if we DID rise up? What if we did stand up and say ENOUGH! What would happen in the USA? I suspect, in a real 'crisis', in a real uprising by the people, for the people, that the response of the United States government would not be so different than that of the government of Iran. Think about it... The loudest protesters who seemed to be something akin to 'leaders' or 'die hard reformists', activists, would be arrested and locked up. The main stream media (MSM) would downplay the events as a few 'extremists' acting up... I can see it all as if it were happening right now. God forbid anyone should question government's/Obama's determinations, about which 'ideas' or which 'particular group of people', are in fact 'extremists'... We ALL BECOME 'extremists' exactly at the moment 'they say we are extremists'! Those who make such determinations are aided and abetted by the MSM. These days it seems about all it takes to be stricken by the 'extremist' label is to 'disagree' with anything the elites wish to do... Is this REALLY freedom?

Could it really all fall apart? Here? In the United States of America? The young people of today would, no doubt, think we're nuts for even suggesting such a thing could be possible. Has it happened before? Here? Elsewhere? Throughout history? We all know that it has...

The cities would be hit the hardest. Hit the hardest by food shortages, transportation issues, power problems, rioting/looting, police issues, more. As government services and safety nets collapse, as infrastructure becomes unavailable, we could face anarchy... Civil war is possible. We are no different, in the end, in the true scheme of 'things' than anyone else in the world. Nor should we be any different. Indeed a new day is coming, fast. We should be ready and eager to seize the opportunity to fix America, to fix the world. We should all actively seek a new way of life, a simpler way of life, a new desire to live in wonderment of God's many marvelous and beautiful creations. At peace with ourselves.

On that point I would direct those who might be interested in further reading to the top link in my Favorite Links The Prophesied End-Time Revealed

What we really need is...


1. the overthrow of a regime or political system by the governed
2. (in Marxist theory) the transition from one system of production in a society to the next
3. a far-reaching and drastic change

As extremist as that may sound...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today's Government, Bernanke, Central Bank rants

From me to you ;) Just a recap of my own thoughts during the Bernanke congressional hearings. Hope someone out there might enjoy it ;)

Just a recap some of the things that went through my head during today's Bernanke testimony to the congress...

# Ancient_Warrior: What?! Is it 'be nice to Bernanke day'?

#Ancient_Warrior: "False sense of security" is exactly what the FED and
Gov are all about right now.

# Ancient_Warrior: The Bernanke/Gov policy is "smoke and mirrors to hide
the smoke and mirrors we used to make it appear we did something good/right."

# Ancient_Warrior: What is the "Balanced transparency" that Bernanke is
talking about? Balanced transparency?! Would that be like "Balanced honesty"???

# Ancient_Warrior: Bernanke "We are urging banks to make loans to credit
worthy customers." ??? tough job, lotta urging going on there ???

# Ancient_Warrior: Maybe if we just turn everything over to Bernanke we
will NEVER have to go through another slow down, soft spot, recession or

# Ancient_Warrior: Central banks are the PROBLEM NOT the solution!
Congress and Bernanke lay out what and how will be discussed before
hearings... it's all BS

# Ancient_Warrior: Our Government has already been effectively taken
over by financial elites led by Goldman Sachs $GS and the FED.

# Ancient_Warrior: Not only Bernanke needs to listen to Ron Paul,
everyone needs to listen to Ron Paul. He has ONLY the best interests of
the Country at heart

# Ancient_Warrior: "False, bad information to the market place"
-Ron Paul to Bernanke

# Ancient_Warrior: Bernanke and the FED have done an excellent job of
saving all their pals at $GS and else where with tax $$ Have to give him
credit for that.

# Ancient_Warrior: WHY would Bernanke have to "Urge banks to make loans
to credit worthy customers"? It's not going to be effective without FORCING
bad loans

# Ancient_Warrior: Bernanke and the FED/GOV are all working towards
finding a way to bring back the bubble economy they all love so much.
That's the goal

# Ancient_Warrior: What did Bernanke say about foreclosures?! I thought
Barry already fixed that problem...

# Ancient_Warrior: Oops... I guess today I'm 'out of the closet' as far as not
being one of Bernanke's/FEDs strongest supporters...

# Ancient_Warrior: When Bernanke, the FED and central banks can over
take MJ chatter on twitter maybe we will all be saved. Until then...
anybody's guess?

# Ancient_Warrior: I saw yesterday that Bernanke has been having lots of
face-to-face time with congressional members lately. Wish I had fly on the
wall status

# Ancient_Warrior: Bernanke/FED are 100% CONVINCED that they can
handle inflation better/easier than deflation. What if they are wrong? Again...

# Ancient_Warrior: We GAVE the banks 23.7 TRILLION dollars Bernanke...
That would prop anyone up I would hope. Tell the truth about the consumer
4 a change.

# Ancient_Warrior: Bernanke and congress seldom talk about the consumer...
because the consumer is the main one being crushed here. Unemployment,

# Ancient_Warrior: With Bernanke our new policy seems to be that nothing
can interfere with or disrupt the market, What?! I think it's only allowed to rise

# Ancient_Warrior: We can't take our country back until we take the FED
back. The people want a FED audit. The Gov will not allow it.

# Ancient_Warrior: Since when is Gov capable of even 'showing an interest' in
actually reducing spending? It's not going to happen, it will be our downfall

# Ancient_Warrior: Sorry peeps, for all the negativity today. No secret I'm not
a big Bernanke FED fan. I think we are already Japan, a lost decade or two...

# Ancient_Warrior: China will not continue to buy our debt forever. India says
our problems r our own. Those economies will drive future growth, not ours.

# Ancient_Warrior: "Stabilize neighborhoods that are suffering from large
numbers of foreclosures"? -Bernanke What the heck does that MEAN?!
Pour more concrete

# Ancient_Warrior: 'They' Bernanke FED Gov are not addressing the REAL
issues in the economy at all... They continue to treat the symptoms only.
And hope...

# Ancient_Warrior: 'They' Bernanke/FED/Gov never talk about the people.
All we get to go on are manipulated numbers and empty promises. Agree
It's false hope

# Ancient_Warrior: If 'we the people' do not do something to regain control of
this situation we are doomed. IMHO. Wild spending & attempts to

# Ancient_Warrior: They are trying to make things so extremely complicated
that no 1 can possibly figure out what's going on. That's the master plan.

# Ancient_Warrior: PLEASE go here and write your senator about audit the
FED S 604 http://www.campaignforliberty.com/campaigns/hr1207action.php

# Ancient_Warrior: Is it not yet obvious to everyone that the Gov FED Bernanke
ALL KNOW that health care is the next bubble to burst?!

# Ancient_Warrior: United, WE can burst all the bubbles. Wouldn't a
'bubble less' economy be so much better?! WE control the purse strings.
Lets use it

# Ancient_Warrior: Please see my last blog post to see what a bubble-less
economy might be like http://www.warlords2010.blogspot.com

# Ancient_Warrior: It doesn't HAVE to be their way (Bernanke Gov FED)
or no way. It can be OUR way, the right way. No pain, no gain.

# Ancient_Warrior: I envision a much 'simpler' life for Americans. Void of
Government FED intervention and interference. A USA run by the people
for the people

# Ancient_Warrior: We, here and now, can co-ordinate, co-operate in the
MILLIONS. Government and the FED do NOT have the same capabilities.

# Ancient_Warrior: If allowed to continue, unchecked, they (Government
FED Central Banks) will destroy us 2 save only themselves and their beloved

# Ancient_Warrior: The markets are both our funding and our weapon. They
manipulate it to take our money. Lets be smarter than they (Gov FED Bernanke)

# Ancient_Warrior: Know that the US Government, federal reserve and central
banks are the REAL institutions that have been deemed "Too big to fail".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maybe it's us

I have been thinking a lot lately about what America might be like, right now, if everyone simultaneously decided that "maybe they had things right in the 1950's". What would be different? What was different about American life in the 1950's?

I get the feeling that in the 1950's quality of life was decided more by the individual... Maybe quality of life depended largely more on one's own actions and efforts to take care of his own. His own family and extended family. To quickly and cheerfully lend a hand to a neighbor/friend in time of need. Seems to me there was far less judgment of one's "success" being tied to one's material possessions in life.

I have a bit of a theory on this... That once big business discovered that they could use many of the 7 deadly sins as a reliable way to get in our pockets they simply could not resist the temptation. The 'sins' that draw my attention the most here are greed, envy and pride. While I am not a religious blogger and not even, particularly, that much of a religious person, it is very hard to ignore some facts about sin and their consequences.

When some Americans use other Americans weaknesses against them for personal gain can we still call this capitalism? If the housing bubble and 17 cars (exaggeration ;) in every driveway are not examples of greed, envy and pride I'd like to know what would qualify. And it was our elected leaders in Washington who decided to take it upon themselves to 'level the playing field' by extending credit to those who did not deserve any such extension. It was they who decided by decree that every American had a right to own a home and have unlimited access to easy credit.

Please do not be distracted by their foolish games and shows for the public. They know that they can get away with virtually anything they desire because far too many Americans are concerned with only one single major interest, themselves. Far too many Americans worry about not much more than "Am I pleased at the moment." It's not only apathy but maybe more correctly it is selfishness or perhaps more fittingly for this post yet another of the 7 deadly sins, extravagance. We the people have only ourselves to blame. If we but turned our back on ONLY the 7 deadly sins we could eliminate also gluttony/obesity. The remaining two, as I count, are discouragement and wrath. Is it perhaps these two that we seek so extravagantly to avoid? Are these the two we would definitely experience if we were to give up the first 5? Are discouragement and wrath perhaps on their ways to our doorsteps regardless?

To me... what was 'different' about the 1950's was a families reliance upon itself. There was much personal responsibility. It was simply an accepted fact of life that personal responsibility was what was expected, even demanded, of all Americans. The 1950's were pre-nanny state.

There was also a time in this country when capitalism was a FAIR system. There were few corporations out there looking to legally 'steal' money from the populace. Looking to prey on the weak and hapless of society. We were all on the same team then. The American team.

When did this country become over run with greed and corruption? In my eyes it was when, for even a moment, we allowed our Government and corporations to 'do as they pleased'. We were more concerned with paying for day care, paying for health insurance, having a home that was twice too large with a mortgage to match, ditto for our 'transportation'. We were, as a collective group, too worried about ourselves and our own personal needs and wants to have time to be concerned about what our elected officials and corporations might be up to behind closed doors.

'They' allowed greed and corruption to run unchecked. We are now paying the price. 'They' are now figuring out every single possible way they can grab as much of our money as possible without being publicly hanged. Politicians and corporations MUST have our money! They CANNOT survive without it. I suggest that we the people have far less need for the currency than do they. It runs and rules every single thing they believe in. They are the beast. We could do much better without money than they could ever imagine. Why? How? Lets go back back to looking at the 1950's... Where many homes and families...

Heated their homes with wood from their own land.
Took care of and provided for their own children.
Watched their spending, were frugal and practiced thrift.
Were respectful of others.
Were prudent in public.
Made their own clothes at home.
Also drapes and quilts were made in the home, at little expense.
Many still made their own soap and other household cleaners and such.
Many grew as much of their own food as was possible.
Used fans, water and ice to cool themselves in the heat.
We, Americans, both manufactured and purchased our own goods. Providing jobs.
If they were sick, for the most part, they toughed it out and got better. Or they died.
I know many other examples fit here as well. Please leave some comments and fill them in ;)

These are some of the things that WE have allowed 'them' to take away from us. They prey upon our lustful need for self gratification. They prey on our laziness/sloth and need for convenience. They seek to strip us all of our self worth in favor of our dependence upon 'them' for our every need. We have allowed 'them' to bury us in a complex web of rules, laws and regulations. Our freedoms have been systematically striped for decades now. How many laws DO we have in America now? Is anyone counting? There are levels of government... city laws, county laws, State laws, and finally federal laws. Different cities, counties, and States may have similar -but different- laws, and they all fall under federal law. My guess? Hundreds of thousands? Everything we do is governed even though we're supposed to be the "land of the free". Do 'they', could 'they', use the very complexity of our society to keep us at bay? Is that a portion of the plan? Could it be divide and conquer? Have 'they' intentionally used greed, envy and pride against us? Is this the well from which 'easy credit' was drawn? Weapons of mass destruction?

Did they have it right in the 1950's?

That's about all I have to say I guess. For now. All I have to get off my chest. Personally I think when we get back to the values and morality of the 1950's we will once again be free. Before that can happen we must first abolish the FED, and free ourselves from corrupt Government and corrupt corporations.

I LOVE capitalism. I hate corruption and greed.


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Financial Matrix

I have been thinking about 'fine print' quite a bit for months now... For instance I'm liable to switch from cable to DISH when the fine print on DISH's offers is not about a thousand words long and so small I have to find a magnifying glass to read it... Of course DISH doesn't have a monopoly on fine print by any stretch. Seems these days almost ALL large corporations have an infinite supply of fine print. Is the fine print to protect us, the consumer? I don't THINK so... It seems to have morphed over the years and decades into a convenient legal way to screw the consumer with the blessings of oversight committees everywhere.

My question is WHY? Why would all these companies (ie; cable to banks, financial companies to cell phone companies, etc) seem to have such a strong desire to destroy their own customer base?! In many cases this behavior not only exists but is accelerating! The worse the economic picture gets the more desperate they are to grab and horde as much cash as they possibly can. To me in an effort to survive the coming economic storm. Look at the 'logic?' of the credit card companies... Their reasoning seems to go something like... "Let's see, our default rate is going through the roof these days so let's raise everyone's interest rate through the roof." Excuse me but... WHAT?!

When did companies in the USA become so dependent upon taking advantage of those among us who don't know any better, who don't get it, who don't understand what is going on, who just need some cash, who run just a little short between pay checks, who buy things they shouldn't because they want to? Were these people, some of whom we all have to admit loving at some point in the family tree, easy marks? Suckers? Prey? For corporations....

I have many questions today, though few answers...

What is the REAL 'plan' for the banks? Not the media and talking heads version of the 'plan' for the banks. What is the Goldman Sachs plan for the banks? What is the Government/Treasury plan for the banks? What is the FED's plan for the banks? What are these entities saying, or even more importantly, doing behind the scenes? Are they actively manipulating our markets as never before? All the rules seem to be in a state of constant flux as far as the Government and Treasury go... The PPT... (The President's/Government's working Group). What exactly is it again that they are 'working' on???

Remember last fall when shorting some financial firms was not allowed? WHAT?! I hope many of you see and read the same things I do about the inflation numbers being intentionally understated, the GDP overstated, the unemployment rate understated. Did you believe the banks earnings last quarter? Don't they STILL have bookoo toxic assets on their books? What, in the end will happen to those assets anyway? Will the Administration and Treasury decide to just 'throw them away', to just announce that they 'don't count', to just state we're going to have a 'do over'? Something similar to what they have done with/for Chrysler and GM?

The FED? Who the hell knows?! Who can say?! The FED answers to NO ONE! Is there a more powerful entity in the universe than the FED? Could it be that when Jesus returns for the epic battle between good and evil it will be He vs the FED?

How can anyone hope to trade this market without knowing what sort of nuclear options these entities are capable of unleashing upon the world to prevent a much needed cleansing correction of the entire economy? They simply CANNOT allow the markets to correct because with the correction we so desperately need all of their finances would be wiped out. Not all of OUR finances, all of THEIR finances. The banks are still insolvent now. I think if the economy were allowed to accomplish what it needs and wants that bankruptcies could be as high as 25% or more. Including many darlings of the Government (ie; the Goldman Sach's of the world). It is NOT the end of the American economy that scares them. It is the end of American Government that bothers them. It is my own personal belief that there is far more corruption in the Government of the USA now than at any time in our short history. That is what I see crumbling under the pressures of freedom and democratic free market forces. It is their lack of access to capital that has them terrified.

But in the end it isn't really about money at all... We have no money. We have a fiat currency. Backed, currently, by not much more than a raised middle finger from uncle Sam. This is no secret to those in Washington. They all know our currency is but worthless pieces of paper. As long as there is 'faith' in it they have been able to shape the world to fit their own needs. But it's not at all about controlling as much fiat currency as possible. It's ONLY about the influence and power the green paper can buy.

We (traders specifically) play the game. The game within the game that 'they' designed 'for' us. They use the game (trading) to fill their coffers. Lets all resolve to play the game with gusto, with intelligence and keen insight. But lets also try to remember that the game may be nothing at all what it seems to be, appears to be. And always forever more there will be 'change'...


Friday, July 10, 2009

Should we audit the FED?

Take a peek at what we're up against in doing so...

To see what Ron Paul thinks please watch this short video.

To see what the Federal Reserve "Inspector" General is up to these days please watch this video.




I currently hold positions in all of the ETFs listed above. I CANNOT and AM NOT advising ANYONE who reads this to do the same! I merely wish to share an interestingly common chart pattern that can be found with all of them. If YOU choose to enter any of them you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!

As the market sits today at very important inflection points technically it behooves everyone to think about the question "What do I do in case things go horribly wrong here?". Personally I am close to 90% cash at the moment and scared to death lol It is my own opinion that the market(s) will trend lower very soon. It is also my own opinion that they will have a very difficult time remaining above the March lows. Below is a 3 year $INX chart. The candles are 1 month. I also use SMAs at the following periods (in this case these are MONTHLY SMAs) 9, 20, 50, and 200. Also please notice the bollinger bands set at a standard deviation of 2. Below the chart you will see slow stochastics and also a momentum indicator. I will show this one chart here, $INX, but I will also urge you to use the same charting criteria to view all of the above symbols. I think when/if you do you will surely understand why I request you do so ;)

It is my opinion that there is NOTHING the Government can do, NOTHING the FED can do, NOTHING the Central Banks can do to prevent a severe correction. I am not interested, today, in criticizing any of these entities other than to point out the fact that, IMHO, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they can do this time to prevent a severe market correction. I merely seek protection of my capital and, at this moment in time, I feel being short the market is the best way to do that. Never forget that the market is ALWAYS right. Never forget that we have ALWAYS had severe corrections, they are nothing new. The main difference THIS TIME has been the Governments, FED, Central Banks, financial communities, REFUSAL to accept a much needed deep correction in the markets along with the excess baggage of deflation. 'THEY' cannot allow this to happen THIS time because all the freakin' politicians, Governments Worldwide are in the pockets of the financial industry. They cannot survive without the financial industry. We CAN! They CANNOT!

I'll continue this later... Please closely examine the charts and draw your own conclusions on most likely market direction in the near future.


Monday, July 6, 2009

The end of consumerism? Long live Capitalism.

Did everyone 'get it' at the same time? It appears so far that maybe they did. It seems even the spend thrifts get it this time around. So much for the 'recovery' and 'green shoots' huh? I firmly believe we will retest the March lows. I firmly believe we have a better than 50/50 chance we will take out the previous market lows. If spending does not pick up there will be no recovery at all. As job losses continue to mount and as many drop from the unemployment roles to fend for themselves, in the toughest jobs market we have seen in decades, a recovery cannot occur. Consumer sentiment has spiked a little higher recently as the markets have climbed off the March lows improving 401k's and moods alike. Time to exit and sit on cash? I think so. I hope many realize how lucky they are to have regained 40% or so of their losses from the low. Certainly in such a short period of time.

As I have made clear here recently it is my opinion that our economy cannot heal as long as the Gov, Treasury, FED refuse to accept a crippling market correction and the associated deflation. Many in this country still feel much pain from the other 'bubbles' that abound. Health insurance bubble, still a stock market bubble until a real correction is allowed, credit card/debt bubble, utility bubble. More... I feel like we are boiling rather than bubbling. What a predicament for our clueless leaders... They continue to spend to repair a debt problem?! They continue to attempt to prop markets up rather than experience true market healing pain. They continue to deny deny deny and lie lie lie.

So I'm short the market and waiting and watching. All should be patient over the next few months as we try to decifer at least some direction for the future. The future of our markets and our beloved Country.

To me there are serious underlying questions that, as yet, have not been addressed at all. So far it has been the status quo 'smoke and mirrors' from our clueless leaders. Barney Frank must go, Chris Dodd must go. But lets first truly examine all their financial dealings closely. With the GSEs and banks and insurance companies. Lets explore a little more the fact that BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars were 'laundered' through the shell of AIG to the likes of Goldman Sachs. Lets discuss how our Government has spent most of their time for months now figuring out how they can just take our money without having to ask us for it. Behind our backs, through back doors and loopholes. They NEVER level with us. They only want to figure out how to fool us today.

They say one thing for public consumption while actually doing the opposite in reality. I have written previously how they have done this with foreclosures. What they 'sold' to the public as sincere concern with the foreclosure issue has not been backed up by any sort of concrete action at all. In my opinion the opposite is true. Our Governments actions and statements were designed to convince us to 'believe' they were concerned and trying to do everything in their power to help alivate the situation. In truth they have actually helped practically no one. This after President Obama's promise to help 5 million families stay in their homes. What a scam. I think it was simple distraction and that the banks are now poised to 'flush' the system of many of these toxic assets. In some cases, many cases, these citizens being 'flushed' are are friends and family members.

Lets not allow them to continue to get away with treating so many loyal Americans like so many country bumpkins that are too ignorant to follow what is going on with the Treasury, the FED, the banks/financial system, the insurance industry. Lets let them know that we want to have their backs but that they cannot lie to us. This is America people, She belongs to us, not them. They are in Washington DC to represent the people of this Country. We should hold their feet to the fire and see that they do.

For those of you who might be interested, a half day of researching demographics in the US would shed much light on our current situation. Things ARE about to 'change' and we had better 'believe' in it. But, sadly, it may not be the type of change that any of us desire. Demographics are the main reason that our Government and fearless leaders will be able to do very little to stop what is to come. At the very least they can be honest with us about what is going on.

I am not a journalist. I'm prob not even much of a writer. I am a proud American. I value the freedom to say what I like here. I am also a country bumpkin (in Missouri no less ;). If I get it then there must be millions more who do as well.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Ode to Dodger

Unfortunately this was the worst 3rd of July that we have ever experienced. Dodger was our friend, our protector, our joy. Dodger was our Yorkshire Terrier.

Our daughter, our son-in-law and our two grandchildren came to visit us on July the third to celebrate the birth of our grandson. It was Triston's 11th birthday (on the 4th of July). We all had and were having a wonderful time celebrating both the holiday with fireworks and our grandson's birthday.

Dodger slipped out of the house, out of the back yard, and somehow found his way onto St. Louis street at the most inopportune time. He was struck and killed by an SUV. My wife is devastated. I lost a great friend. We will miss Dodger more than I could ever convey here. You may or may not understand what it is like to lose a pet, a friend, a family member after 9 years of joy. It sucked the life out of our evening. We will miss him dearly forever more.

RIP Dodger. We loved you very much.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

An absolute MUST VIEW!

Thank you so much to JackeHammer for passing this Open letter to the President along. So many people out there are so much more creative and talented than myself. Thank God that these days it is so easy to share gems with each other.

Best wishes to everyone over the 4th of July holiday.