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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wikileaks and Julian Assange Falls Flat on Bank of America Threat

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Turns out Wikileaks founder Julian Assange couldn’t make good on his promise to release secret information that could supposedly take down a Swiss bank and create a PR nightmare for Bank of America.

Assange made the claim in 2009 and last year, saying he had documents that would reveal an “ecosystem of corruption,” according to a CNBC report.

He told Forbes he had scores of documents that didn’t prove the banks were breaking any laws, but did show they were far less-than-honorable.

Assange didn’t name the Swiss banks, but vowed to release the information early this year. Now, it’s July and there’s still no sign of the supposed incriminating evidence.

He also claims to have a hard drive from a bank of America executive containing some embarrassing info. Still no word on what that is either.

Change of Leadership

Much of Bank of America’s leadership has departed since Assange first made his threat and the “ecosystem of corruption,” he vows to expose might not make such a splash now that the bank has a new CEO, CFO and chief legal officer, according to CNBC.

It might just look like old news to most media outlets in America.

Top Secret Writers originally reported on the bank case after whistleblower and former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed Assange sensitive banking information where he noticed “plenty of suspicious activity.”

The information provided to Assange reportedly holds account information of 2,000 offshore banking clients.

But Assange hasn’t released anything yet and plenty of eager journalists and banking watchdogs are wondering if he ever will. In the end, the whole ordeal could end up looking like a massive hoax.

Not delivering on documents is becoming a trend for Wikileaks.

After all, only three percent of the 250,000 secret diplomatic cables leaked to Assange have been published, and experts are starting to think that unreleased documents are becoming Assange’s insurance policy against any backlash that could end up with him sitting in a jail cell, or worse, depending on who he manages to rub the wrong way.


Ben Norris is a freelance writer and independent journalist from Phoenix, Arizona. He is an Arizona Press Club scholar, human rights advocate. BenjaminJames has 52 post(s) at Top Secret Writers

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