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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ron Paul's Urgent Warning! | Most important MUST SEE video in recent history | FOR PRESIDENT!

IMHO this man MUST be president! He may be a reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson and that is EXACTLY what we need!

I agree with everything he says in this video and have blogged about much of it myself.

VERY important stuff! Please take it to heart and think about it!

Key points in the video..

Political chaos is coming soon to a city near you

Social unrest will cause government to use force to control population

The "words" "anarchy" and "enemy combatant" will be used against Americans by our own government during it's efforts to control the population

A SINGLE person is already allowed, by law, to decide who is an enemy combatant, the attorney general or the president

(also *I* believe the term "domestic terrorism" will be much used to describe/define the early phases of an insurgency, should one occur)

(In the end the government of the United States of America will be no different in their actions/reactions than are Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc..) <-- Again that's me.. not Mr. Paul

Dangerous time in our history

An all powerful state is a threat

Blood in the street?

Street fight against the overwhelming power of the state?

Liberty and self reliance are what should matter to Americans!

Non-interventionist foreign policy

A FULL audit and more supervision of the Federal Reserve Bank (thieves! Abolish them!)

Abolish crony capitalism NO MORE BAILOUTS!

Get RID of the military industrial complex!


PLEASE support Ron Paul for president of the United States of America

LOOK at the FED money printing! It's insane!

Source for these my good friend @ATTechFX on twitter



  1. Right on. Only thing is, that when everyone is insane, the only man with calm rational sanity, is then viewed as insane. What a tragedy. America is nuts and being run by those out to consume and destroy. They are either blind or evil or both.

  2. ---

    I vote for both..

    I still believe the longer term plan to be to replace American sheeple consumers with Chinese sheeple consumers so that the status quo might continue uninterrupted.