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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Simple Fix for America


I harp a lot about wake up.. stop being a sheeple.. do something about it..

I harp about the corruption of our political system. How no American can or even should have any trust or confidence in the current system within which we all find ourselves trapped.

All politicians are corrupt, greedy self serving fools. Our banks and corporations so incompetent as to destroy their own customer base in their race for ever increasing profits at all costs.

Most all of that has "changed" already..

These days the power elites are about nothing more than survival.. Nothing more than continuing the game a little bit longer.. Frightened to death over their impending loss of power and wealth.

The collapse of all will come one day.. In my opinion it will come in the not too distant future. At some point the money printing and lying must stop.

We can help usher in this new era of American evolution. And it would be very simple..

The power elite exist solely for power and wealth. That is their only collective goal in life. They have no soul.

If we the people will only unite and loudly proclaim enough is enough and it must stop now!

We don't NEED politicians to make promises to us that they will fix our problems. It is time that we clean up our own mess.

All we have to do is stop participating in the system in mass. Don't spend money, accumulate and horde it like the elites. Don't borrow money. Don't use credit at all. Credit is NOT money. Apparently they don't teach that in our de-education system. A small amount of sacrifice by enough Americans will bring the elite to their knees. Put off ALL purchases that are not absolutely necessarily.

You see.. money is the source and sustenance of their power. The elite can never have enough of it. That's what greed is. That's what greed does.

Grow as much of your own food as possible to worry less about food inflation. Make your own bread, it's cheaper, better for you and tastes better.

Stop buying clothes. Stop buying food in restaurants who egregiously over charge for the content of the food. Stop buying shoes and bikes and haircuts.

Just until we are finished with the very important work at hand.

Move to the country. Get out of the cities. You are trapped within the confines of a large city. Just moving to the country eliminates your water bill (with a well), your gas bill (heat with wood), your sewer bill (a septic tank), and even your electric bill if you can invest in solar power.

Going green is good. It saves you money and, at the same time, takes money away from the elite.

Use the tested and trusted methods of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance. Do not cooperate. IF you are in desperate shape financially due to job loss and impossibility of finding work don't pay your bills. Don't make your car payment or your house payment. Just leave. They can't find you.

File (chapter 7 ONLY) bankruptcy and you will owe nothing! With a few exceptions, taxes and student loans.

Your money is worthless already. Not only is it worthless it isn't even real. It is nothing but paper. And that is what it's worth. Once upon a time it was back by gold but no longer. Not since 1971. This is a fiat system. Paper money, easily manipulated by the elite powers that be.

Should the power elite decide to do so, in a "crisis" of one sort or another, they could tell you that "Oh! By the way, beginning tomorrow your money will be worth 40% less than it was today." This is the sort of power they wield over us.

The elite control through inflation and they have for many decades now. Monetary manipulations behind the scenes, out of sight of the public, is the favorite tool. The tool most often used to see to it that, if there is pain to be borne, it will be borne by we the people, not the power elite.

If a sufficient number of Americans would follow this simple advice we can win and win quickly.

Simply remove the money from the elite and they will have no reason to exist.

Unite to destroy the corrupt system we are trapped within. Eagerly seek the collapse of government and our debt based ponzi scheme economy. Participate in the destruction of the institutions of US Empire, all of them.

So we, the people, can build anew. A society based on the rule of law. Devoid of greed and corruption. One with no need of, or use for, elites and their empty lying promises.

These things are simple to accomplish. However they require the cooperation and coordination of millions of Americans working together to build a better future for themselves and their children.

Please help spread the word. Please help save the world. Please help humanity evolve to and higher plane.

If we do not do this, and do it soon, we will simply be at the mercy of elite dictatorial kleptocrats forever.


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  1. "If we the people will only unite and loudly proclaim enough is enough, and it must stop now!"

    This is, indeed, the critical "key" to it all, and also the "challenge" of Homo sapiens; getting people to work together! Getting people to work together for the benefit of ALL mankind! Not just a group here or there, but the entire species.

    Until Homo sapiens does this, it will continue on its path of self-destruction through the raping and pillaging of the earth, contamination of the eco-sphere, and poisoning of the air, water, and land so that Earth's flora and fauna will follow on a path of extinction.

    Excellent article Greg! Thanks for doing your part to "help spread the word...save the planet...and help humanity evolve to a higher plane."

    Roger ☺