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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Local Business after the Joplin Tornado


Man I'm tellin' ya.. What this country needs is an EF5 tornado to take out 30% of every United States town and city in existence..

I know of one local home building contractor here.. Two years ago the owner basically shut down his business completely due to lack of work / housing demand. He laid off ALL of his employees, about 15 people. He had no payroll for two years.

He picked up odd jobs here and here and kept the corporation alive, at least on paper. He built no new homes over the last two years.

But after the May 22 EF5 tornado? Like now?

He hired back his original crew of about 15 people PLUS an additional 45 NEW employees whom he has guaranteed a job for at least the next 5 years..

He went from building ZERO houses over the course of the last two years to now having at least 50 new homes lined up for construction and they're still coming in at a rate of two or three a day!


I know a bit about a local pizza franchise as well..

Average number of employees before the tornado?

About 12

Number of employees now? 2 months later..

50 +


Who TF knows? Maybe terrorists would be doing us a big favor if they DID nuke us?!

Though it's hard for me to imagine a nuke doing more damage than that EF5 tornado did..

Life goes on.. Joplin should have a RIPPING local economy for at least a decade I figure..

Thank you mother nature for cleaning out the old and making way for the new. Now if we could only get government and the Federal Reserve Bank to do the same.

But all they seem to be interested in is protecting the status quo, supporting the rot and decay of this debt based ponzi scheme of an economy for as long as possible until it collapses in on itself.



  1. Yea its nature's way of taking back from insurance companies, but they are just as good at changing rules on the fly and making people pay it all back in the long run.
    The pizza thing is probably directly proportional to the number of kitchens destroyed by the tornado and that growth will likely decline by the same rate as rebuilding goes ahead.

  2. Thanks for the comment.. I just hope that as much of the worthless fiat money as possible will remain here locally.

    On the pizza.. Not only were some 7,000 to 8,000 homes (kitchens) destroyed but also somewhere between 500 and 1,000 business' including many restaurants.

    Yep I'm SURE insurance companies will be sticking it to us hard just as soon as they are able.. Likely the entire state with higher premiums on home and auto insurance.

    I hate insurance, it's a scam. People should merely be responsible and our need for insurance would vanish..


  3. Insurance is nothing more than protection against natural selection in my honest opinion, remove insurance completely and roll back the lawbooks several decades and watch the economy start to grow in the USA. Too much is done to protect the weak, not that its a bad concept but the potential for abuse of the system is not in balance with the benefits and the nation on the whole pays the balance. Tempted to sign these comments as my own, I follow you and chat some on twitter, but career related contacts of mine may come across them and affect my wallet :/ Sad world we live in when people are shy to say what's on their mind and my apology for being one of them in this instance.