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Friday, July 15, 2011

Companies may have Overestimated Consumer Demand


From the AP

"Consumers are fatigued," said Chris Christopher, an economist at IHS Global Insight. "The only real good news on the consumer side of the economy is that gasoline prices started to fall, but are still relatively high."

Another potential problem: Businesses may be forced to cut orders in the coming months after adding to their stockpiles for 17 straight months. Sales across all levels of businesses fell in May for the first time in nearly a year, the Commerce Department said in a fourth report. Fewer sales are a sign that companies may have overestimated consumer demand.


Economists are idiots.

"Consumer demand" is toast and it has been since 2007/2008. That happens often when corporations fire all their workers (cost cutting) to prop up earning to help keep alive the mirage of a strong stock market. When "consumers lose their jobs they often have difficulty paying for things like mortgages, car loans, credit card bills and FOOD! Once consumers lose their home to the bank through foreclosure they're normally not in a big rush to go shopping at the f'ing mall are they?! DUH!

"Businesses may be forced to cut orders in the coming months after adding to their stockpiles for 17 straight months."

IMHO they didn't overestimate shiite.. Corporations are obviously in on this economic prop job because their ass is on the line here. Just like local, state and federal government. Just like banks. Are they trying to tell us that companies haven't had a clue how bad the economy is for the last 17 months?!

You (ie; United States government / Federal Reserve Bank / Primary Dealers / corporations) better stop MANIPULATING everything economic and allow CAPITALISM to work. If our system feels it needs a deflationary spiral and a depression to heal who TF are you to tell it otherwise?!

You continue ONLY to extend and pretend and make things worse!

HERE'S an idea for you.. Why don't you simply F*CK with the CPI again?!

Maybe that will fix inflation at least huh?

The government, FED, banks corporations & economists KNOW (or at least BETTER know) that the ONLY thing capable of fixing this economy is continued exponential credit expansion through predatory lending and usury!

That's the way ponzi schemes WORK you f'ing idiots!


Here is the whole sorry story: Mixed data show economy growing at weak pace

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