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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who’s at fault for perpetrating this fraud on the American people? - Dr Paul knows


Ron Paul: Cancel $1.6 Trillion Fake "Debt" Owed to Federal Reserve
THURSDAY, 14 JULY 2011 11:48

With the “shutting down” of the federal government looming, Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill are scrambling to hit their respective marks on the stage of public attention. Reportedly, Republicans in the Senate are unanimously behind passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment, while Democrats in both houses are clamoring to raise the debt ceiling, lest Social Security checks not be mailed. The performances are predictable and the soliloquies are so well-rehearsed and so familiar to critic and citizen alike that most of the dramatized sound and fury goes unnoticed and little of the legitimate signal breaks through the noise of rhetoric.

As has become his custom, however, there is one man in Washington consistently breaking the fourth wall, going off script, and speaking directly to the people.

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