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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lets Boycott the Electric Companies


Our electric company, Empire District Electric, has been raising our rates like crazy for years now.

They ask for like 23% and then 'settle' for 'only' 12%

We have something called the MPSC, Missouri Public Service Commission. They are supposed to watch out for public utility consumers in Missouri. Oversight, whatever..

As far as I can tell anytime & every time Empire District Electric wants to increase our rates, it happens. PSC or no PSC the end result seems to be the same for us, higher energy costs.

This is another 'tax' on American citizens as a percentage of the increase in revenue is funneled to government in the form of taxes. The utility company gets to keep what's left.

The other night I said to Mrs Warrior, "We'll just QUIT using our air conditioner!"

But she says to me, "Not this time of year, we have to use it this time of year."

Full disclosure the high here has been pushing 100 degrees on a daily basis for weeks now ;) Humid too..

But that just made me wonder about 'humans'.. Because 'humans', for thousands of years before our time, somehow managed to survive without 'air conditioning'. GASP!

Anyway, I just thought it would be so cool, (no pun), to organize a large number of Americans, across the nation, to protest high energy costs.

Say a nation wide "Don't use your air conditioner" week.

Send a message. Hit em where it hurts by taking a huge bite out of their revenue stream for an entire week. See if we can poke a hole in their quarterly earnings.

Sadly *I* just do not have the time, nor the ability, to spearhead such an endeavor. I'm not some community organizer or something..

Maybe 'one of you', dear readers, have the necessary time and skill to make something happen?

Some people are at least taking a shot at it..

From the WikiPedia page above..

"Because of an excessive decade-long increase of 313%, a Facebook page was started in May of 2011 to oppose the Empire District's relentless rate hikes."

Damn.. I can't seem to find this Facebook page.. Maybe the Empire Distric Electric company didn't approve of it? Bastards..

I'm just here to help ;)


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