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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some of the Day's Top Stories

What?! MORE BAILOUTS?! But apparently it's a necessary evil... Have to save those government union jobs don't we? While 'average' Americans (defined as those not employed by federal, state and local government) continue to lose their jobs, homes, and lives...

States begging Congress for more bailout funds

War with Iran someday??? Just think of the additional tax dollars that would pump into the economy...

Iran dismisses sanctions, but tried to avoid them

Trouble brewing on the southern border... War with Mexico someday (lol... a joke... I think...)

FBI: Mexicans chased away US agents after shooting

Trust me... There is NO economy...

Jobs report a nightmare for Obama progressivism

On top of everything else that is absolutely hammering the American people and the American economy...

Obama Warns Oil Spill Will Substantially Impact Economy


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