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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Build a Homemade #Compost bin

Mrs Warrior & I were ALMOST ready to shell out cash for the retail versions of rain barrels & a compost bin... Total cost $230.00 USD

Wal-Mart had a compost tumbler on-line for 118.00 and we saw rain barrels on sale for 55.00 each... (We need 2 of them...)

Then, being the value shoppers that we are, we did a little research...

We found great instructions on-line for how to build a compost tumbler from a trash can and we also realized that the rain barrels retailers were trying to get 55.00 each out of were nothing more than glorified trash cans too!

So we bought 3 plastic trash cans... total cost about 33.00... MUCH better than 230.00 !!!

Here are some plans for a homemade compost tumbler



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