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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter to my representatives today

We all obviously hate unemployment...

But it no longer seems that unemployment extension is what we have. It seems much more like welfare expansion these days.

Government cannot and must not continue to use tax payer money to prop up banks, companies, union jobs and the unemployed. This is unprecedented and I think you know and understand that it cannot and must not continue.

When if the economy REQUIRES a depression to correct itself in the end that is exactly what it will get. Washington cannot change this 'fact' of economics no matter the amount and length of the economic manipulation involved.

Government and the federal reserve have pushed their chips 'all in' to the center of the table. It did not work. We have problems that cannot be fixed with more debt and easy credit.

That is where the problems came from in
the first place.

Please wake up.

Gregory S. Phillips

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