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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CNN Slams “Patriot Movement,” Misrepresents FEMA Camp Evidence


Debbie Morgan, Debbie@takebackwashington.com
December, 2009

In a flagrant attempt to mislead the American Public, CNN aired a series of hit pieces on patriots and the militia. One specific report by John Acosta was about the Oath Keepers, a group of military, firefighters, veterans and police officers who have decided to take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States seriously. Making a rather snide comment about the “patriot movement,” it may be time for Acosta to answer one quick question for the American people…since when did being a “patriot” in America garner such a negative connotation?

The meaning of “patriot” describes many, and those of us who are sworn American Patriots do, indeed, fit the bill. Webster’s Dictionary defines a patriot as someone “who loves and loyally or zealously supports one's own country.” American “patriots” love their country and its Constitution and want it protected. Yet the mainstream media and the over-reaching Federal government are demonizing patriots and the entire Patriot Movement. In a MIAC report, released earlier this year, many people who simply hold their Constitutional Rights sacred are to be considered potential threats.

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