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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did the cavemen have it right?

I mean the men fished and hunted game most days. They grabbed some low-hanging fruit and other edible green stuff. They built some crude shelters and structures.

I would guess they laughed and got something other than hardship out of life... Or we wouldn't likely even be here... When they wanted sex they... just got some... That's just the way things were.

They fought some I'm sure... Man can be a rather violent animal at times...

For the most part they would have been too busy trying to survive to watch American Idol...

I'm seriously trying to figure out in what ways we are truly better off now... iPhones? Bath beads maybe?

Are we exponentially happier on an emotional basis than were they?

You know... *I* think, down deep, to this very day we are nothing more than cavemen in fancy suits and rolling/flying machines.

We haven't changed genetically, only superficially...

We have a lot more 'stuff', but are we any 'happier' than they were?

Would we all be better off fishing, hunting and getting laid? Everyday... lol

Maybe some golf?

Maybe it's 'time' the human race evolve a bit...


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