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Thursday, March 18, 2010

#MO asks ppl 4 advice

Excerpts taken from The Joplin Globe newspaper... Joplin, MO.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has cut more than 850 million dollars from a 23.7 billion dollar budget. Last week, Nixon outlined additional ideas -- eliminating 1,000 state jobs, half the state's primary vehicle fleet and all state scholarships for students at private colleges -- to help close an expected 500 million dollar gap in next year's proposed budget.

Gov. Nixon has also suggested consolidating the Department of Higher Education and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education into one agency and combining the State Highway Patrol and State Water Patrol into a single law enforcement agency to save money.

"We need to 'cut' hundreds of millions of dollars this year and hundreds of millions of dollars next year," said Icet, R-Wildwood

Does this sound like a 'healthy economy' to ANYONE out there?!

Do we need any more evidence that tax revenue has been and still is collapsing at every level of government?

I think not...

This is going on in towns, cities and states across the country. Not to mention the federal government's 12 TRILLION dollar deficit that promises only to grow larger...

Something BIG is going to happen one day... Be alert, be prepared, be educated...

It must not/may not be very far away once the state's become so panicked that they ask state residents "WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW?!"



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