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Friday, March 5, 2010

The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled

The following short excert is from The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled - on Emergent Culture (dot com)
If one studies the collapse of civilizations, one learns that failure-to-adapt is fatal. Continuing on the path of pursuing growth would be such a failure to adapt. And if one reads the financial pages these days, one finds that it is full of doomsayers.

We read that the Eurozone is doomed, and Greece is just the first casualty. We read that stimulus packages are not working, unemployment is increasing, the dollar is in deep trouble, growth continues to stagnate, business real estate will be the next bubble to burst, etc. It is easy to get the impression that capitalism is failing to adapt, and that our societies are in danger of collapsing into chaos.

Gee whiz! I thought *I* was the ONLY ONE who thought that!

Also from this important post
In order to clear the way for the carbon-credit economy, it will be necessary for Western currencies to collapse, to become worthless, as nations become increasingly insolvent, and the global financial system continues to be systematically dismantled. The carbon currency will be introduced as an enlightened, progressive ’solution’ to the crisis, a currency linked to something real, and to sustainability. The old monetary system will be demonized, and again the mythology will contain much that is true…
The catastrophe is upon us and it’s called Western Civilization version one gasping for its last few breaths as it strives to maintain the status quo at all costs.

2012 is the culmination of a process not an event. We are in the throes of that process now. Its called the birth of a Planetary Culture and the decline of Western modeled world.

Any bright future lies in the hands of a Planetary Culture built upon the principles of egalitarianism, gender balance, non-violence & ecology.

2012 is meaningful if only because humanity stands at a crossroads. We will have to make near future decisions that will either worsen our socio-environmental problems or begin to solve them.

You really should click the link above and read the full article. Great stuff, as usual, from our friends at Emergent Culture. Check there often and you will KNOW what TF is going on... Whether you want to or not... lol

The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled - on Emergent Culture (dot com)


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