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Monday, March 8, 2010

#Insurance salesmen from #Hell

Is what *I* have been calling the Democrats lately... Now it seems I even have it in their own words! lol

It is *my* contention that our kleptocratic government is about figuring out a way to PRY money out of the pockets of Americans in order to hand it over to the health care industry including insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals and doctors.

Of course it is vital that 'they' do this in a such a way as to completely avoid the word bailout...

It certainly seems to *me* that what the White House is interested in is NOT making quality affordable health CARE available to all Americans... What they seem interested in, to me, is selling insurance to every single American in the country... And their recurrent 'threat' seems to be "IF you continue to REFUSE to buy the PRODUCT we are offering/SELLING we will simply pass a LAW that REQUIRES you to purchase it!"

So here, now, in today's paper, in their own words...

-Quote: George Miller D-California, Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee

"You've got to go out and SELL that PRODUCT and stop worrying about the process, and the president is a VERY POWERFUL SALESMAN for that PRODUCT."

The emphasis, through capitalization, is my own...

This is my whole point... Americans are NOT INTERESTED in talking to slick insurance sales people... It is access to health CARE that Americans want... NOT an insurance salesman who has the POWER to FORCE the purchase of their PRODUCT through the force of LAW!


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