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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sanders 'We are an #Oligarchy and it's getting worse'

Check out this video to see what's going on in the fantasy world of congressional financial reform...

It touches on some very important issues... The need for a national usury law. It points out the fact that the financial industry has now and has had for a very long time enough money and clout to carry Washington around in it's pocket!

It appears we are just going to be STUCK with To Big to Fail FOREVER! As stated in this video, the 6 largest banks control 63% of GDP!!!

I loved hearing someone, anyone, finally speak about the need for a national usury law and how the banks have all colluded to trap as many Americans as possible in debt slavery with their 20%, 30% and 40% credit card interest rates...

By the time Washington gets done with this 'financial reform' bill it will have NO teeth at all... The financial industry spent 300 million dollars last year lobbying against financial reform.

Sanders himself, in this video, calls on the American people, the middle class, to stand up and tell Washington that we are NOT going to take this anymore!

Does anyone REALLY believe these politicians are going to do anything to harm, or even just anger, the folks who pay for their elaborate cocktail parties?

Washington gets SO MUCH MONEY from these people that what financial reform will end up being is a big wet sloppy kiss for the financial industry.

Don't watch what's IN the bill... Watch what is NOT in the bill!

Our own government is STILL busily playing the PROP UP game! It hasn't worked and it is not going to work! It REALLY IS different this time...


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