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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*My* 2 'accidental' terrorist attacks lol

I was a corporate office programmer (in a past life lol)

Accidental terrorist attack #1

One day after completing a program for our 850 stores I sent it out to all of them... I sat in my little cubicle which was located just on the other side of the help desk, separated by a divider... I began to notice that it sounded like the help desk phones were starting to ring off the hook...

Soon, to my own personal horror lol, I realized that it was MY program that was causing the uproar!

It seems I had forgotten to include an ini file that it required, oops, and also that I had coded no checks for it either, oops again... lol

As it turned out when/if a store had to reboot their register system for any reason at all that was it... it wasn't coming back up! lol

For awhile there I thought I had a shot at shutting down all 850 stores! lol

But it all worked out in the end and things were fine...

Accidental terrorist attack #2

Same company...

We had a nice little batch file that we could run on any computer set up as a corporate computer that would replace all the personnel files and such with the information from any given store... We did this so we could test for bad data or whatever and do general store trouble shooting at the corporate office as if we were at the store, same data...

I was demoing something for someone downstairs and let that batch file rip to set up the store data... Guess what? I unleashed it on the corporate network! Wiped out ALL the employee data within a few seconds! All the insurance data, all the payroll data, plus a lot more! lol No one could clock out or anything... They were all freaking out lol

Luckily we had good backup procedures in place (thanks Tennyson ;) So we were able to restore the network... I got off easy by only having to reenter a limited amount of lost data... One new hire with insurance data etc...

A few months later I got a 6,000.00 a year raise, a few months before I left the company to wreak havoc on someone else! lol




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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    This reminds me of this story. It's got your signature all over it!