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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Audit the FED in trouble?

I thought this was a great video in that it clearly demonstrates what a choke hold the FED and banks, corporatist, have over the administration...

In my opinion, the actions taken, and HIDDEN, by the government and the federal reserve during the time our economy was attempting to 'correct', attempting to flush the greed and corruption out of the system in a most natural way, have been both unconstitutional and most likely criminal.

For all of Obama's rhetorically beautiful calls for transparency and change all we continue to receive is more of the same greed and corruption that we have had now for decades. The status quo is apparently so powerfully entrenched in both corporate America and Washington that it is proving extremely difficult to get even a glimmer of transparency!

It is my own personal opinion that any and all elected officials who REFUSE to allow the auditing of the federal reserve should be removed from office as soon as it is humanly possible to do so. Both parties...

Until we rid ourselves of greedy corrupt politicians and corporations we will be forever enslaved to the state and corporate America.

We have tried debt as a way of life now and it does not work... Stop the borrowing, stop the bailouts and stop the cover ups... please...

Educate yourself and please join the fight for a NEW America...



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