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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who is inciting whom to violence?

As you should know, if you read this blog at all, *I* am not one to encourage or condone violence in any way, against anyone...

However, that said, I SEE and FEEL a very strong chance of violence occurring in American society and I feel that we should all be prepared for that to happen. In my opinion we should also attempt to look, logically at what is going right now in American society...

It seems to me that violence is exactly what our government seeks... A panic, a crisis if you will, one that, according to Rahm Emanuel, should never be wasted...

I do have a fear that our own government is planning to use 'the threat of violence' as well as the terms 'national security matter/interest' & 'enemy combatant' to begin to round up certain members of our society who 'they' deem to be a possible threat.

For the moment i am going to provide a few links to some interesting information and recent developments...

We have already had the 2nd largest terrorist attack in the history of America when Major Hussan carried out his personal jihad against fellow soldiers...

Common Sense Says Major Hasan Was a Terrorist

We also had Joe Stack, who found himself so frustrated by the system that the only answer he was capable of arriving at was to kill himself in an attack on the IRS (Was this our first suicide bomber?)

Joe Stack (1956-2010) The Letter

Now we have this...

Hutaree Militia: Parallels To Tim McVeigh; Cable News’ Next Big Story?


Eight U.S. militia members enter not guilty pleas (Hutaree Militia)

And a bit more generally...

'Rising Risk of . . . Violence'

And some people who seem to 'dislike' Glenn Beck... lol

Beck's "shocking" and "disturbing" documentary caps month of suggesting progressives are prone to violence

My research continues currently with

A transcultural study of the "Temperament and Character Inventory" (TCI study)

My thesis is that the government of the United States of America is WELL aware of not only the possibility of, but also the probability of, violence occurring on a domestic level as it has not for many many decades... i seek only access to data that is most likely already well known and understood by our own government.

We have seen warnings already from the Department of Homeland Security that states that our brave soldiers returning from foreign wars, which they did not start, should be monitored by government as they have the potential to become violent supporters of extremism directed against our government.

Returning military veterans may resort to domestic terrorism. Right wingers may “recruit” combat veterans “to boost their violent capabilities.”

I am currently trying to discern the percentage of the American population who might be considered to be 'violence prone' due to the psychological makeup of said individuals.

To *me* it seems important to have some idea of the number of Americans who may succumb to acts of violence when/if aggravated/frustrated to sufficient levels as shown by reliable, statistical data.

I would appreciate any assistance I can get in this area of research ;)

This is most certainly only the beginning of our problems in America... Be aware. Don't be caught off guard...


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