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Monday, April 5, 2010

WE are the answer

Excellent video on the evil nature of government and central banks and what WE can do about it... Check it out

This video was grabbed from the Emergent Culture website. You may see the original post in it's entirety by clicking this link
(Introductory snippet) from Emergent Culture website
Former government and military intelligence agent Robert D. Steele identifies every key facet of the dominant governing paradigm and what we must do to bring about the kinds of changes demanded by the world’s sordid state of affairs.

We cannot hope to vote into power those who might actually change the system. Those in power own and run the system from top to bottom and it is thoroughly infested with liars, crooks and incompetent socio-economic engineers.


There must be enough of us committed to honesty, liberty, freedom, justice and the constitution of the United States to take a stand and fix that which is broken.

The repair work begins November 2010


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