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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cap & Trade in a nutshell

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Get ready for a massive gas tax. See below...

The Cap and Tax Energy Tax is set to be unveiled on Monday. It's the start of the full-court press to expand government control over the energy and
manufacturing sectors of the economy -- and impose a huge
"global warming" tax on every American consumer.

Details are starting to leak out. Here's some of what Reuters
is reporting...

--Cap and Trade regulation of the utilities in 2012,
creating a pass-through utilities tax for consumers...

--Manufacturers come in line in 2016, causing American
products to have a built-in carbon tax that, once
again, is passed on to consumers...

--Green carbon "offsets" which amount to nothing
more than a global warming guilt offering...

--Tariffs on overseas products, which is an admission
that the Cap and Tax scheme will greatly increase
the cost of goods produced in the United States
and reduce our global competitiveness...

And here's the kicker...

--A new "fee" (i.e. tax) on refined motor fuels
(i.e. gasoline) as "the mechanism for reducing
carbon emissions in the transportation sector"

While we do not yet know how large this gas tax
will be, it must be large enough to cause people
to use less gasoline in order to achieve the goal
of "reducing carbon emissions."

A carbon tax on utilities, manufacturing and gasoline... all
passed on to consumers.

+ + ObamaCare strategy being repeated

There is more evidence that the Senate is planning on using
the ObamaCare strategy to pass the Cap and Tax Energy Tax.
Step One starts on Monday with the "unofficial" release of
the bill. The bill will not actually be "introduced" into
the Senate so that Sen. Reid can take it directly to the
Senate floor and skip the Committee process -- just like

After that, it gets worse...

If the Reid backroom deal succeeds, pundits are saying Reid
and Pelosi would wait until after the election to pass the
final version -- to avoid having the final vote on a
massive tax increase before the November elections.


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