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Friday, January 6, 2012

I've got your real #economic #news right here.. #Mish


Nonfarm Payroll +200,000 ; Labor Force Drops Another 50,000 ; Those Not in Labor Force Rises by 194,000 ; Unemployent Rate 8.5%

Quick notes about the "falling" unemployment rate:

In the last year, the civilian population rose by 1,695,000. Yet the labor force only rose by 274,000. Those not in the labor force rose by 1,421,000.

In December, the Civilian Labor Force dropped by 50,000.

In December, those "Not in Labor Force" rose by a whopping 194,000, In November, those "Not in Labor Force" rose by a staggering 290,000. If you are not in the labor force, you are not counted as unemployed.

Were it not for people dropping out of the labor force, the unemployment rate would be well over 11%.

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