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Friday, January 6, 2012

Here's what the #economic "recovery" looks like in today's paper..


Three stories in today's paper that demonstrate just how dandy this "recovery" is doing.. Jeeze..


School officials warily await Missouri decisions on state funding levels

With the Missouri state legislative session having opened this week, educators across the state are waiting to see how funding will fare with a roughly $500 million statewide budget gap for fiscal year 2013 and a formula that could shift millions from some school districts to others.


Court: Prosecutor may defend county in suit filed by sheriff

(It's over what? FIAT of course! Greg)

The Jasper County prosecutor’s office may defend the county against a lawsuit filed by Sheriff Archie Dunn, according to a circuit court ruling handed down Thursday.


(Hell.. just shift some fiat around from here to there.. That'll fix it.. LMAO)

[Missouri governor] Nixon dumps idea of tapping 5 universities' reserves

Cheers ;)



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