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Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Post" QUAD TUNNEL CHARTING - Fred Adams @simplegreen67 on twitter #FX #trading

I'm excited to have this post from a good trading friend! If you be an FX newbie looking for a place to start or a more experienced trader frustrated with searching for an effective "system" this post might be for you.

I can vouch for much of this system as I use parts of it myself, including the quad tunnel which Fred introduced to me. Thanks Fred!

So if, for whatever reason, you are in search of something to try in forex I can promise you this is definitely worth a look!



by Fred Adams @simplegreen67 on twitter

First I should introduce myself...I am moderator of the top FOREX board on Investorshub.com and handle there is simplegreen...on Twitter I am known as @simplegreen67.

Have been training traders and have been a technicals geek for quite a number of years and wanted to share one of my best technical toys.I call it a Quad Tunnel and all of my traders wouldnt trade without it..nor would I!

Years ago I was introduced to what some call a Tunnel.. I was not very impressed with it but believed it had merit and a solid base in Gann theory so I went to work and designed the Quad Tunnel which is absolutely my best work. It still amazes me that is has such power across all time frames. For sake of convenience I will refer to it simply as QT in much of my discussion.

The QT is built easily on any charting program.. its simply 4 color coded EMAs..but this complete template is specific to the MT4 charting program.


Color coding is important! With the color codes I can merely glance at a chart and know instantly if its bearish or bullish simply by the position of EMA(196) ..purple line.

If 196 is at top of QT then 196 is resistance(bearish posture relative to time frame being viewed)... If 196 is on bottom of QT then it shows a bullish posture.

A Tunnel Twist is when the QT twists or turns over and thats important to watch for. Its the transition from bull to bear or bear to bull. As you install and gain experience in the use the QT you will readily see how it functions relative to price action.

This is a very simple yet powerful tool for a traders technical war chest.

I will now move on to the template design or chart setup that I use the Quad Tunnel in along with the other components of this template which is my best chart layout to date.. its VERY effective in making pips!

There are several other moving averages you need to install now.


This makes what I call an Extreme Tunnel and doesnt come into play very often but when it does it becomes a very powerful support/resistance area.

Next there are 3 Multi Time frame Movings avgs

MTF EMA(62) set for one min TF
MTF EMA(196)set for one min TF
MTF EMA(196)set for 5 min TF

This allows me to go to any TF chart and see exactly the condition of M1 EMA(62) and both M1 and M5 QT represented by an MTF EMA(196) on both M1 and M5 settings.

Now we move on to last part of main chart panel. I use 3 Dochian Channels..


Notice that the parameters for Donchian channels are same parameters used on a standard Ichimoku Cloud.. 9,26,52 and thats the logic behind using these params on the Donchian Channels.

Next I move on to the indicator overlay at bottom of chart.

Stochastics Histogram(24,3,3)
Overlay is a TRIX(7,2)


That completes the building of the chart template that I use and will post this chart ..its an AUD/USD M30

Below the chart I have links for MT4 custom indicators needed.The MTF MA indie is functional but cant locate the exact source for the one I use so you may or not be pleased with the version I provide a link for.

Be sure to check out Fred's trading room on Investorshub.com

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