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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The #government, the #police, the #military are preparing for the #future.. Are you? #PoliceState Martial Law

Just one of the lobbyists for the brand new #NDAA bill = SureFire from whom these videos come..

As you recall the newly passed NDAA bill authorizes the government of the United States of America to indefinitely detain, without due process, American citizens..

Obviously the lobbyists were lusting after this bill for the anticipated profits it can provide.

SureFire itself was awarded a 23 million dollar contract by the DoD..

Be sure to check this out..

Company Who Lobbied for the NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill Given 23 Million Dollar Contract for Night Raid Equipment

The government, the police, the military are preparing for the future..

Are you?

Good luck friends..


1 comment:

  1. The major part of "preparing for the future", is not getting your own weapons - though that is not a bad idea since needing to protect yourself, family & property may be necessary - but endeavoring to reduce the number of government ENFORCERS, those willing to threaten and actually initiate physical force because they have some "authorization". None of the expensive "toys" produced by SureFire and other armament contractors to the government can do any physical harm by themselves; all require humans to operate them - the government ENFORCERS.

    If reasoned logic does not work to convince a current government ENFORCER (domestic or military) to get a truly productive job (and helping him/her is a good idea), then sham, shun and ostracize are the techniques called for. NO VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION! No sales, no service, no camaraderie - NO VOLUNTARY ANYTHING! (No violence either.)

    Make government enforcement a very unpopular job and there will far fewer individuals willing to fill those roles in the federal, state and local agencies that abound in the US (and every country).

    Don't simply moan, groan and complain - even if it includes to legislators, who really for the most part don't give a rat's ass and are actually impotent without government enforcers. "Tax/Regulation Protests are Not Enough: Relationship of Self-Responsibility and Social Order" - http://selfsip.org/focus/protestsnotenough.html