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Friday, December 2, 2011

Global Banks have more than $700 trillion in notional derivative exposure


You’ve probably already heard of derivatives ...

These “financial weapons of mass destruction” originally grabbed everyone’s attention back in 2008. As banks failed all over the world, their derivatives threatened to turn each failure into a catastrophic chain reaction ... one that would wipe out the entire global financial system.

But then the bailouts came, and everyone stopped worrying about them. Until now ...

Just in the last week, central banks all over the world have rushed to the printing presses. They’ve started forging deals, providing bailouts and taking on debt at an unprecedented rate.

And here’s the realization that’s got them so frightened:

The world’s biggest banks are locked in a global “arms race” to build the most destructive arsenal this world has ever seen!

Yes, that’s right.

Global banks have spent the last six months buying and selling MORE derivatives than ever before — a whopping $107 trillion in total notional value! That’s a grand total of more than $700 trillion in notional derivative exposure ... and it threatens to bring the world ever closer to financial Armageddon.

Armed with these derivatives — and the power to virtually destroy the global economy — big banks will continue to hold the dollar hostage ... extorting bailout after bailout ... and forcing governments to pile on even more debt in the process.

And at some point, this whole thing is going to blow up in all of our faces!

But you can build your very own “financial bomb shelter” right now.

Dr. Weiss’ video — America’s Financial Doomsday — will show you exactly how to do it, along with: The event that will change your world forever: The monumental event that now threatens to trigger the ultimate financial doomsday — and why it will plunge vast numbers of U.S. families into the nightmare of poverty, homelessness and hunger ...

The high cost of bad advice: Why most people who think they’re ready to survive this crisis have made the wrong preparations and could be even more vulnerable than those who haven’t prepared at all ...

Crucial self-defense: How to get through this disaster with your wealth intact, and ...

Why windfall profits are also available: How a handful of Americans will use this crisis to build enormous wealth — and how you can too!

America’s Financial Doomsday is free — just click this link and the video will begin playing immediately.

Best wishes,

The Weiss Research Team

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