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Friday, November 18, 2011

In response to #ows post comments Many people need to catch up! #OccupyWallStreet #99Percent

Thanks one and all for ows post comments..

You know as I recall this all started with Anonymous, not ows. Remember WikiLeaks, A99 & OpESR?

Anonymous Demands on the Federal Reserve

There is much that can be agreed upon by ows & the Tea Party.. Many of the concerns are the same. 99% MUST truly BE 99% everyone must end their political hatred of each other and unite as one force to end the hegemony imposed upon us all by the political and economic elites.

MOST of the concerns begin with the Federal Reserve Bank & the Fractional Reserve Banking system. Capitalism has morphed into a nasty machine whose only purpose is to separate Americans from their money.

Consumerism is to blame also & that reflects right back on the citizens of this country who willingly took on WAY to much debt just as our government has done.

Personally I see no way of fixing the entire mess short of tearing down every bit of it and starting over from scratch.

It's not a political republican vs democratic thing it's a societal thing..

It seems that many people may be "changing" but at this point it's difficult to understand what they really want.

I hear talk that students want all their student debt forgiven.. Why? If they did not wish to be in debt then they should not have borrowed (otherwise worthless paper) money. Ditto for foreclosures. Car loans. Debt in general.

Debt was / is the TRAP! It was / is the "master plan" of the politicians and bankers. And it worked perfectly. At least until they blew up the entire freaking world economy.

My hope is that people will learn from this just as they learned from the Great Depression of the 1930's. Debt is bad. Avoid it at all costs.

If everyone would simply do that ONE thing then all the politicians, banks and corrupt greedy corporations would simply disappear.

Without forever exponentially expanding credit it all collapses. Everyone goes bankrupt and it's over.. That's why the elites hate the idea so much. That's why the Federal Reserve Bank has been printing money like madmen for 3 years now. They have to debase our currency. They have to make our money worth less just as they have been doing since 1913.

The Federal Reserve Bank and their desire to create as many debt slaves as possible is ground zero.

The answer, IMHO, is to turn our back on the existing system. Don't use it, don't participate in it. Just ignore it.

Check out this post to see what Ron Paul says about a lot of this "crap".


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  1. Greg is quite right: "It's not a political republican vs democratic thing it's a societal thing."

    So very many people in the US (and most other countries in the "developed world") have matured physically but not psychologically/philosophically. They have let themselves remain children, dependent on "parents" - the government to decide for them and bear responsibility for decisions made, even making many of the decisions in fact.

    A point lost to many is that government is not some philanthropic foundation using donated money to distribute to "the public". Government is using money extracted from citizens - either directly or through their employers under coercion of the physical force that enforcers will use if those "orders" are not followed.

    Want all this to stop?! Protesting can bring people together on an issue but it is never enough. It is the enforcers who are key to all the words issued by Washington DC, the state capitals, county seats and city councils. There are some simple steps I pointed out years ago that are still valid:

    1. Do not make use of "government services" that can be obtained privately;
    2. Initiate/support cooperative efforts that replace "government services";
    3. Do not work for or do business with governments of any form in any capacity;
    4. Preferentially associate with those who do not work for governments - positive social preferencing;
    5. Do not voluntarily associate with those who continue to work for government despite being encouraged not to do so - negative social preferencing;

    6. Last but not least - and actually primary to the preceding, Practice self-responsibility and encourage the same by all others, especially children and young people.

    More at: http://selfsip.org/focus/protestsnotenough.html