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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Always the lowest prices is @WalMart half #truth @PeopleOfWalMart


Ok WalMart.. if you want to qualify your statement by saying something like "Always the lowest prices on corporate selected, special deal cut, name brands"


But come on, we're not stupid WalMart, we know how it works. You cut special deals on pricing from select vendors and in return promise limited competition from other brands. DUH!

We started buying our eggs from Aldi's because WalMart eggs, here, are 1.98 p/dozen large. Aldi's are 1.30 a dozen.

That's a 35% savings on large eggs..

We also buy block cheese at Aldi's. Sure it's a different brand, not something "fancy" like Great Value, but it's f'ing cheese!

WalMart store brand 8 ounce block cheese is 2.48, here. Aldi's is 1.99 for 8 ounces.

That's 20% cheaper.

Ditto canned goods, Aldi's 59 cents, WalMart 69 cents.

That's 15% cheaper, Aldi's.

I think the average cost for ribeye steak around here is about 9.00 p/pound, including WalMart.

We buy ALL of our beef from a local area grocer. We don't buy it there because it's cheaper but because we think their beef has better quality, better flavor.

We bought 1" thick ribeye steaks there recently on sale for 4.98 a pound.

That's 44% cheaper than the going rate! And as an added bonus it TASTES better!

We buy our onions there too, now. Why? Because they run 1.99 for a 3 pound bag vs 3.34 for the same amount at WalMart.

That's 40% cheaper!

So WalMart, your most recent ad campaign is directed at reassuring people that you "always have the lowest prices".

Good luck because that simply is not true unless further "qualified".


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  1. The only reason I and Paul have not done any shopping in WalMart in close to a year is their participation in Dept of Homeland Security "See Something, Say Something" program. We'd prefer to spend a bit more elsewhere on certain products than support a store that is in active cahoots with DHS thugs.