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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Are My Happy Slaves (A Letter Written By a Billionaire)


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Posted on November 30, 2011 0

Coercion is the name of the game, I coerce hundreds of thousands of workers to work for me each day. The more sophisticated the method of coercion, the more likely that the coerced will think they are free. The more clever my marketing team is at selling you your slavery, the more likely you are to be a happy slave.

I want happy slaves, I do not want slaves who protest or question, I want slaves drugged up with manufactured happiness. I hate wage-slaves who hate their jobs, the best worker is the worker that learns to love his enslavement. The best worker is the worker who thinks of my corporation as ‘his’ family. The best worker is the worker who treats my interests as ‘his’ interests even though he can be fired at any moment.
Coercion is certainly the name of the game, no one will drag you to work, but the fears implanted in your heart will. I will not come to your house and pull you out of bed, but the bills will, the debt will, the fantasies of wealth surely will.

My father was rich and my father’s father was rich and these stories you hear of self-made men are all fabricated. We the rich are an organized crime syndicate, we control, capital, we control the flow of wealth and ideas. I control your life more than you control your own self. Every step you take, every choice your make, I am there with you holding your hand pulling you into the abyss of debt and enslavement.
Coercion happens on many levels, dear slaves, the psychological kind is much more effective than the physical kind. Happy slaves believe that they are free even though they’re subjugated to millions of advertisements each year. Happy slaves are the best kind of slaves, they do not rebel, they do not protest, they sit at home vegetating and warming their souls in front of the TV.

Happy slaves, you should all long to become my happy slaves, working in my factories and offices, obediently, confidently and blindly.

A Billionaire
the one who swims in affluence while you drown in debt!

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