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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The tapeworm lemon cookie joke

I stole it from @zerohedge.. Goldman Justifies The Need For More QE3, And Even More Record Wall Street Bonuses

This guy went to see his doctor and was diagnosed as having a tapeworm. "They're not easy to get rid of, but we'll give it our best shot,"the doctor told him, and instructed him to come in every day for two weeks, and to bring a lemon cookie and a walnut. The guy agreed, and showed up the next morning with the two items. To his horror, the doctor shoved the walnut up his butt, followed it with the crumbled-up cookie, and sent him home. This went on for twelve more days, at which point the doctor's instructions were to forget the cookie and bring in the walnut and a hammer. On the last day the fellow dropped his pants in considerable apprehension, gritting his teeth as the doctor inserted the walnut up his ass and calmly sat back. A few minutes later the tapeworm stuck his head out and said, "Where's my lemon cookie?"


Bankers & QEx


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