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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dedicated to all Neocons that booed Ron Paul - #Killing is NOT the answer

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RT @libertyideals Dedicated to all Neocons that booed Ron Paul at the CNN GOP debate #libertarian bit.ly/mVHeeF


I have been a registered republican nearly my entire life.. We all make mistakes based on political lies and rhetoric.

It is my own opinion that more than enough people have died at the hands of the United States military.

We have killed plenty of Muslims over the last 10 years in response to a few fanatics killing 3,000 Americans. By comparison there were more than 15,000 murders in the United States in 2009. The AVERAGE number of murders per year looks to be somewhere in the range..

At the same time the AVERAGE number of Americans murdered explicitly by terrorists over the last 10 years is about 300..

So we have spent TRILLIONS of tax dollars supporting the military industrial complex in the "War on Terror" which kills an average 300 Americans per year while at the same time at least 15,000 Americans are murdered every single year.

So where is the "War on murder"?

The number of civilians killed by the U.S. military each year is no doubt a very large number.

"I heard a different take on this subject at a recent conference on U.S. relations with the Islamic world. In addition to hearing a diverse set of views from different Islamic countries, one of the other participants (a prominent English journalist) put it quite simply. "If the United States wants to improve its image in the Islamic world," he said, "it should stop killing Muslims.""

To my neocon followers I simply say.. THINK!


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