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Monday, June 6, 2011

My status / Update Mentions: FX Trading $EURUSD


I suspect there may be a few people out there who enjoy my market analysis however at this time I do not feel I have the proper focus & concentration level to do too much.

Our living situation has changed & will be changed for some time longer. In my own case I feel FX trading requires a great deal of focus and concentration and trading without those creates too much risk. Maybe that's just me being an old man and having lost too many brain cells to enjoyment already LMAO

At any rate at this time I plan to be somewhat cautious and subdued when it comes to trading FX and/or markets in general.

I certainly would not want anyone following trading advice / analysis that may, or may not, be sub-par due to distraction.

However I am here, I am watching and I am likely trading a bit also..

Today, June 5, 2011 I'm looking at shorting the EURUSD in the 1.4653 / 63 area for a pullback.

best regards


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