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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Higher coffee [commodity] prices are brewing - dollar devaluation

I want to focus on one short paragraph of this story.. However a link to the full story is also provided below

"Spurring the run-up in bean prices is a combination of bad weather in coffee-growing regions, increased demand from developing countries such as China and intense speculation in the commodities markets, experts said."


[Who ARE these so-called "experts" who seem to have no CLUE about the ongoing devaluation of our currency?!]

Have you noticed as far as the media is concerned higher food and other commodity prices are always caused by the same thing? Bad weather, check. Increased demand from China, check. Those evil speculators / traders, check.

NEVER do you see any mention of United States Federal Reserve (treasury / government) monetary policy. Which, in my opinion, has been and is designed to forcefully drive down the value of the dollar thereby intentionally creating inflation in the economy.

Check out this Forbes story from 2009..


"I still contend that we are headed for a massive dollar devaluation, regardless of the means--whether it is planned and accomplished by central banks, or by the markets reacting to huge government money printing that force the devaluation. Unlike during the Great Depression, we are no longer on the gold standard. Currencies are free to float and can be manipulated by central banks or politicians and moved by markets. In fact, I believe that one or both has already begun."

Full link Cue The Helicopters, Dollar Devaluation Is Here

The ongoing, intentional devaluing of the dollar has to be one of the best kept secrets of modern times. Will a day come when the Federal Reserve Bank, treasury, government and complicit corporate media will be held accountable for this action?

I have my doubts..


Full link to coffee story Higher coffee prices are brewing

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