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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Post: Predator Capital One


TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011

Capital One makes me laugh!!!!!

Has anyone out there ever heard of Capital One Bank? I was in the middle of the F6 tornado that hit Joplin Missouri on May 22nd 2011. My car payment was due on the 26th of May, (through Capital One auto finance of course,) and I was unable to send it on time. By the time I got it sent I was a couple of weeks late, not to worry though, I contacted them to let them know what had happened, and they assured me there was no problem, and they would accept it as on time when it got there.

A couple of days had gone by and I recieved a call from their collections department, I once again went over what had happened and was told that they did not make a note on my account at the first call, but would do so at that time. Once again a couple of days went by and I recieved yet another call from their collections department. At this time I am as P.O.'d as I can get at not only the lack of consideration for the loss of my house and belonging's due to the tornado, but also the non ability for any of the three associates I had talked too to make any notification on my account. I let them have a piece of my mind, (not that it ever does any good) and went about my day.

Just a couple of days ago I checked the mail and found a letter from the collections department stating that i was past due, ( even though my account showed for two weeks that they had recieved my payment). And here we get to the "FUNNY" part, I also recieved not one or even two, but eight different credit card offers all from, you guessed it, CAPITAL ONE BANK!!!!! Come on people, how ironic is it that someone can get nonstop calls, and letters from collections on a past due payment, but also receive offers for more credit from the same bank. How can our country survive if this keeps happening? No wonder our economy is this far down in the crapper!!

I found this on the net but there are plenty more pages just like it.. It sure seems to me that ALL of our banks, financial companies, corporations are predatory leanders the INSTANT they get the opportunity to be so..


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