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Friday, September 3, 2010

Want vs Need

In my own personal opinion there is nothing wrong with capitalism that can't be fixed with honesty and integrity.. The real problem lies with consumerism..

This country has for decades now been pushed too far by want rather than need..

There are indeed more important things in life than ever increasing corporate profits at any/all costs.

There are serious problems in this country that were caused by the greed driven expansion of credit to fill the pockets of bankers.. Our entire financial system, in my opinion, should indeed be dismantled and the greed and corruption removed.

I am a registered republican and have been for my entire voting life but I am ashamed of BOTH parties in this country..

So far to date NOTHING has been done to CHANGE anything! There are STILL payday loans. Every dealership is STILL shouting No Credit? Bad credit? NO PROBLEM! Every retailer STILL thinks THEIR money is worth 25 or 30% interest!

That's BS!

We should have reinstated USURY LAWS 2 years ago! Nearly ALL of our corporations prey on the ignorant among us.. It is a true shame.. We are still suffering with this debt based fiat driven ponzi of an economy that can do nothing but fail in the end.


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