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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guest post from a good friend @neo761

I'm VERY pleased to present my first ever 'guest post'.. Especially since it is from a long time twitter friend of mine who shares many of the same concerns for our country as I do.. Please read on to discover more about the ways complexity, the rule of law and regulation are being used by the 535 people (congress) who now control us cradle to grave..

Greetings Folks, Let me get the thanks and intro out of the way and then get right to the point. First off thanks! To ancient warrior for letting me make this “guest post” to his awesome sight. Second, who am I? Michael Storm aka “Robinhood” of winners edge trading and also @neo761 on twitter. Unhappy American Citizen by birth. Now, onto “getting it all out”

Ever see the clip where the newscaster guy looses his cool and starts yelling: “ I am mad as hell! And not going to take it anymore!” Have you ever felt like that? Boy I sure have.

Should we be “patriotic” just because of accident of birth we happen to live in one particular country? Who is it that made this up? Sure, in one sense I can say I am very grateful to have been born here in America and to be privileged to live the life I have. But that very country, the very ideal of “FREEDOM” is being continually trampled and destroyed week after month after year and this sleeping giant will NOT wake up! The judges all swear oaths to “uphold the Constitution of the United States of America” and then they seek to destroy it continually. The system stinks and is rotten to the very core. Self serving politicians who are milking us consumers like cash cows are NOT representing us nor our interests but lining their own pockets with STOLEN money (property….. The labors of the people they are supposed to serve). We are not free, but rapidly being propelled to total slavery, yeah, I would say we are already in dire bondage. Think about it:

Once we had allodial title to land. For hundreds of years this was so, then when we started adopting the communist manifesto as our way of life, we started to hold to that “abolition of all private property” when we moved to “fee simple title in the turn of the century. It was so very cheap to “register” your land at the town hall and put it on record for your “safety” and now in just over one hundred years, I know some folks that pay $12K per YEAR taxes to live in their homes! Even if you “own” it free and clear (no mortgage) just TRY not paying your taxes (aka Government RENT) for 3 years and see what happens! They will TAKE it from you by force and give to another cash cow who will PAY. So, do you really own it? No. On top of this we have zoning crammed down our throats and building codes and permits. Just another way to make sure you don’t really have private property! Carl Marx would be pleased.

For HUNDREDS of years we have had a RIGHT to travel. It is NOT a privilege, it is indeed a right and the courts recognized this in countless dozens and dozens of cases called “case law” dating from the 1600’s right up to around 1950. There were no “licenses” and registration etc… and so on. But in the 50’s ONE judge in ONE case over through it all and from that point on the courts have held to it. Now it’s a privilege and not a right, and comes with all the massive taxation with it. From license fees, to registration fees, to sales tax and personal property tax EACH year! Add on Mandatory insurance ( a total scam and a racket if there ever was one!) No, we are NOT free.

Go on the internet and type in the communist manifesto and LOOK at the 10 “planks”. Seriously. Look, so you don’t call me a crack pot. We are practicing every single one of them to some degree. One of them is a “heavy and progressive income tax”. We surely have that don’t we! We are taxed to DEATH! Think it over. I was on vacation last week and was amazed beyond belief at how much “tolls” it cost to go through NY, NJ, Delaware, Maryland, etc. Why, they even had toll roads in Virginia! Gas tax is like half of the price we pay (stunning). Hotels and Restaurants were charging 11% tax! Who is this that thought this up?! I mean, wow, what a great business if you can be in it. The government sits back and collects tax ALL day, every day on every single transaction that ever takes place. And we have NO idea how many MILLIONS of dollars a day this equates to, it simply boggles the mind. Then, the poor Americans pay taxes on every phone call, heat bill, you name it and then…. Comes the income tax. Where the government steals by legalized theft from people that work and redistributes it to whatever they choose. This is sick. Government does not “have” to give! They must steal it by the federal “mafia” first. And our reward for being Americans? We get this for LIFE, even if we move OUT of the country and generate funds OUT of America! We are one of the only countries in the world to tax its citizens in this manner.

Folks, I could go on and on about this ONE subject, cause there is MUCH about it. A FEDERAL bank, taxes you for the right to use THEIR money. It is that simple. They stole our Gold and gave us fiat currency and this “law that never was” was passed on Christmas eve when very few were around to “vote” on it. We even have IRS agents that have broken away from their evil masters and now preach (quite openly) that it is a bunch of crap. (Joe Banister…… Larken Rose…. do a web search if your unaware. ) But the sheople don’t want to “make waves”.

I best move on. Did you know, that our public fool system is based upon the FAILED Prussian military state of the 1800’s? I have and have READ John Taylor Gatto’s books on the secret history of the public education system in the US. It is one AMAZING eye opener for those that will read it. He is quite the expert and it is well documented of what Carnegie and Rockefeller and Ford actually SAID. These people started it, funded it and believe me, they had an agenda! It is none other than the last plank of the communist manifesto in action. FORCING people to hand over their children to people you do NOT know. To people you do NOT know their beliefs! And letting them “have their way with them” their precious minds…. For 12 long years! To MOLD them into “dumbed down, robotic slaves, ready for the “new world order”! Don’t question anything! Just shut up and obey! And pay your taxes slave! Sickening.

Just like George Orwell’s 1984, we are there man! We have REALLY arrived. Heck, we even all joke about it! “Big Brothers watching you” is now a very common phrase. Do you know that there are about 120 video surveillance cameras in just about every city in America??? I don’t want “Big Brother”! I am sick of him. He is cramming his garbage at me daily and is not my friend!

America is totally demoralized. We are an in-sanatorium being run by the inmates, The whole country has lost its mind. The “hellevision” or “TV God”, as I like to call it is nothing but a brain rot machine. It is a massive propaganda piece for the Government. And it gives “Death, by entertainment” to all who partake. Through “gradualism” it desensitizes us to all sorts of wickedness and corruption. Taking our thinking and molding it to what the government wishes for us. It is social engineering plain and simple. Walk into any Blockbuster, Hollywood video or the like and look at the movies displayed on the wall. Pure trash of the highest magnitude. People that wash their minds with this day after day, year after year, become really slow, not bright, not sharp thinkers and I personally feel peoples thinking gets way messed up. And these people are running our country, our states, our schools, our businesses, our everything!

What part of the Second Amendment do we not understand? “The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” but now I have to have a “permit”???? You mean PERMISSION??? Give me a break. Do I really need hunting licenses and fishing permits? And now there is this new little known bill about to make it ILLEGAL to have a garden and grow your own vegetables This is a nightmare. OMG people wake up, EATING is a right, an absolute RIGHT!

Look at our President, Most likely not even an American. Still cant produce a passport or birth certificate. Radical guy too. Almost every pres was a lawyer (professional liar). We have had some real “winners” haven’t we? Globalist’s to the max. Working their tail off to wreck our country.

Whew! I do feel better now! Its aggravating as heck to deal with garbage like this on a daily basis. And it gets worse every single day. There seems to be very little hope, I am sorry if you are hopeful. I am NOT. I have steadily watched this go DOWN hill for 20 years. I thought it was bad then. I am almost sick now. I am in love with an America that once was. A concept, an idea that is now in ruins. So, many people blast me for being “unpatriotic” and “not supporting our troops” etc… And say stuff like: “Hey if you don’t like it leave!” well, you know what? I am probably going to do just that. I have found out that Americans that are able to do so, are leaving in record droves. So, much so, that they now have decided to charge you ONE MORE time, right as the door hits you in the butt on the way out! It costs $600 to renounce your Citizenship and then they give you a whopping 30% tax on the very day you leave.! Sock it to me one more time, lol.

Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, I see the demise of America coming at us like a freight train. I just want to get out while I still can. They are going to pass laws in the next year or two, that will make it most difficult indeed for you to even get your money out. They are tightening the net. Most people do not see how bad it really is. Believe me, I held an awful lot of stuff back. My eyes are open. Wide open. For the future of my family I am on the way out. Well, that was just so uplifting, I am not sure if I will ever be invited back to preach another message! (or even if this one will get posted) But next time I write, it may be from a new Land of opportunity. Sorry for the gripping and “venting”. But those of you that are waking up, staying or mad. Seriously, kill that TV set, stop having your mind on sex, drugs, sports and all the things that DO NOT matter. Pay attention to what is REALLY going on. I would LIKE to say ATTEMPT to “do something about it” but……. I am really not sure what can possibly be done. L Voting is not working. “tea parties” get ignored. The wolves are not willingly going to stop. I don’t know if there is a way to stem the tide. So, I cannot profess to have the answers. For me, it is just to get out and go somewhere where I am welcome. I am not patriotic. Sorry, I am a stranger, dwelling in a strange land. A simple man. One whose soul cries for freedom. One who loves his family and wants a better life for them. Not one where they will grow up in a communist police state. There. I have said my piece. For whatever it is worth. I thank you for reading. And am sure there will be some that will agree with parts of what I have said, just as surely as there will be others that will hate it. Its ok, LIVE. LIVE what you believe! Amen? Till next time.

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  1. Hey Michael I'm with brother packing my bags it is time to get out of Dodge. We are of one mind on everything you wrote here.