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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stop playing the game


It's not that I 'enjoy' giving free (and that's exactly what it's worth too ;) advice to middle class citizens on ways in which to gum up the current system...

But I'm a concerned American citizen and it bothers me deeply to see what Wall Street and a greedy corrupt government are doing to the country I love...

That is why *I* say it is past time for a debtors revolt...

Stop borrowing, stop buying and stop paying... Just stop playing...

If you have credit card debt that you cannot pay then just STOP paying it! It's unsecured debt. I mean if you can't pay your bills already then who cares what your credit looks like... What can the banks do to you? Sure they'll try to make your life miserable to get your money but just tell them to F off! Credit card loans, student loans, just stop paying them...

This is exactly what we need, IMO.

I usually say that it's time to 'stop playing the game'.

No one in this country should ever pay 20% or 30% interest rates for anything! It's ridiculous and it's stupid. And it's a sin as well... one as old as mankind. Called usury.

What are the banks attempting to do? Point out the stupid people for us?

IMO, we need serious deflation to flush out all the greed and corruption in the system, including that found in government.

This type of activity, on a large scale, just might do the trick.

Did you see how consumer credit continues to plunge?

People don't WANT to borrow any more money to buy more junk from China. People are sick of consumerism. It's over, get used to it. And I say that's a good thing.

We need to crash and start over. It's the only way.

The banks expect to receive some 24 TRILLION DOLLARS in federal guarantees and tax payer dollars to bail their sorry asses out... But they STILL want to rip people off to the max with horrendous loan terms and unintelligible fine print.

This 'system' of ours passed the point of no return likely a couple of decades ago, in my opinion. There is no 'fixing' it now short of a total collapse. Economically and socially...

Like one of my old bosses told me once after I lost hours worth of code... It's always easier the second time around ;)


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