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Saturday, February 20, 2010

On crony capitalism

Grabbed this from a post on the net this morning but lost the link or I would have supplied it for the full article...

But demonstrated here in the part I excerpted is clearly the root of our economic problems, IMO.

It truly IS as simple as Wall Street OWNING Washington... Don't allow politicians to try to turn it into something more complex than the crony capitalism and special interests party that it is...

My question, after reading this, is how much tax payer money did these people receive in return for these contributions?

Simple corporate/Washington elite Pay to play 'games'...

In addition to the public demands for immediate action to help families cope with our continued economic crisis, Public Citizen released a report today analyzing how bailed out banks and the financial industry continue to try to buy Congress and fight needed reforms. The report details that this year, Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committee members received on average two and half times what other members received from the financial industry.

Since November 2008, the financial industry -- including banks, investment firms, insurance companies and real estate companies -- gave $42 million in campaign contributions to members of Congress and their leadership political action committees. The 94 members of the two committees charged with drafting financial reform legislation have received $14.9 million overall.

Taxpayers will continue to take their demands directly to Wall Street and members of Congress over the coming months until action is taken to rein in Wall Street greed and build an economic recovery that benefits Main Street.

We need a National usury law right now, just like we did two years ago. They are stealing from the poor and unemployed...


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