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Friday, October 25, 2013

What my life has been like.. lately..


The end of August Mrs Warrior was on one of her "shopping" trips with out daughter, son & grandkids. These adventures are usually rummage sales all day long but sometimes flea markets too..

During the process she ran across a 1998 Dodge RAM pickup truck and sent me a picture of it. We had been discussing the need of a truck here on the ranch & all so I told her to go for it. Well.. turned out our son-in-law & daughter were looking for a truck too so our son-in-law went to look at it and talk to the guy selling it. The guy wanted $2,000.00 for it (and yes it did run) but our son-in-law talked him down to $1,400.00 and bought it. Later, when he found out we really wanted it too, he felt bad and sold it to us for the $1,400.00.

It built my deck in one trip to Lowes.. (about 10x20 all 2x6's, 4x4's, concrete piers) and seemed like a damn good truck though we bought a battery for it and it kept draining it after sitting for a few days (short maybe). We had to put close to $500.00 in it to get it shaped up enough to pass inspection, get tags, etc. So we had a couple grand in it but, like I said, it seemed like a good truck.

The tags are what got us.. Come to find out we had bought a stolen truck! It ended up going back to it's rightful owner who wasn't even decent enough to cover any of the costs we had incurred fixing it up.

So there went 2 grand down the toilet..

A week later our car blew a head gasket which by the time we covered rental car costs and paid for the repair, about a week) we were out another $1,400.00!

In the mean time I had done my due diligence, researched and bought what was supposed to be a good chainsaw ($400.00). It hasn't put a drop of chain oil on the chain since we bought it so I haven't been able to use it other than trying it out.. The "dealer" we bought it from sucks, had it for a week, told us it was fixed, and.. it isn't! Taking it to a different dealer today to see about getting it going..

Then yesterday everything seemed ok and then.. NO water in the house! Looks as if our well pump has quit and I'm guessing we'll be out another $1,500.00 for this repair..

File under "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger"

Donations welcome LMAO


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