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Friday, August 16, 2013

Why I may have to disappear from @twitter due to @WildBlue


I have absolutely loved being on twitter since 2009..


I have met tons of the greatest, smartest, most active people on the face of the planet from all around the world.

I love SO many of you!

However, since our move to the country and the associated switch from cable modem to satellite internet access (via WildBlue) I am running into somewhat severe problems..

I checked my bandwidth usage before the move, while we still had cable, and discovered that using the net in my "normal" manner was using something close to 150 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. Once we signed up for WildBlue satellite internet I was restricted to 7.5 gigabyte bandwidth per month limit.

Due mainly to trading (which is my real job) that amount of bandwidth was never going to work so we upgraded to the maximum amount available.. A whopping 25 gig per month vs the 150 gig I used previously with cable.

I have already modified my twitter usage by cutting out or way back on some of my favorite twitter activities such as the extensive use of music and videos to make a #point.. Plus TONS of research on the topics that interest me.. And wonderful interaction with all of you wonderful peeps..

Alas I'm afraid this has not been enough.. For instance this morning I have been on-line since about 6:30 and it's now 9:00 (my time) and I have already used more than 350 megabytes of bandwidth. On the 16th of the month I have used nearly 16 gigabytes of my allowed 25 gig per month. Month ends on the 28th so I have about 12 days to go with only about 9 gig left before being cut off.. This is after being highway ROBBED by WildBlue as I am now paying 3 TIMES as much for internet access as I was via cable..

I have to have a lot of bandwidth because I trade currencies (as most of you know). Currency trading is my JOB and it has been going well for the past few months as can be seen on the chart below..

Since trading is my job & twitter is my love I'm facing a difficult time dealing with this limited bandwidth situation.. However in the end, obviously, I must trade and for that reason it is twitter that is most likely to go by the wayside..


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