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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying to make #economics simple for sheeple & the #time challenged -- #economic #manipulation


The Debt Service Ratio and the Financial Obligations Ratio as calculated by the Federal Reserve #Bank

Link to full article Fed: Household Debt Service Ratio near lowest level in 30+ years [But STILL historically high!]


And, to me, a clearer representation in this chart of U. S. household debt vs Disposable Income and GDP

Chart obtained from Household Debt on Wikipedia


Especially interesting, IMHO, when compared to the Effective Federal Funds Rate (FEDFUNDS) [1980 to present highlighted to match preceeding charts]

This last chart pulled from a great article on @zerohedge -- Greenspan, Bernanke and a Return to Normalcy


These charts, when viewed together, seem to clearly demonstrate the economic manipulation we have suffered at the hands of the #elite -- #government, central banking & #corporations -- as they used easy credit / #debt to pump up consumer borrowing & spending to inflate our ponzi scheme economy for decades now..

Thanks for expending some #time with me ;)


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