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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New (and improved ;) front yard, back yard and new puppies :)


As many of you likely know by now we recently moved. We moved from the city (albeit a small city lol) to the country. We now have 3 acres full of beautiful oak, and other, trees and lots of wildlife. Just discovered a bunch of wild blackberries in the backyard the other day :)

The move was something we have been thinking about for a couple of years now. We have been looking at properties, off and on, for about that length of time. We are very happy with what we ended up finding at a great price.

Much of our decision was based on finance. Thanks to family we had access to a very affordable loan, quite a blessing in and of itself. We went ahead and did a long term loan so we ended up with miniscule mortgage payments and on top of that by moving out of the city and into the country we said goodbye to many of the bills and fees we had previously.

Gone are the water bill (as we have a well now), the mandatory trash pickup bill, the sewer bill is no more (septic tank), No more gas bill. And the associated, somewhat mysterious, "customer charges" are gone as well. The utility companies tack those on our bill and they often represented as much as 40% of the entire bill! Now the city is planning to institute a recycling fee as well at a cost to residents of $3.00 p/month.

$3.00 isn't much f'ing fiat but..

What the idiots do not seem to understand, pretend they don't understand, is that everyone from the federal government, to state government, to county government, to city / municipality and government regulated utility companies continually increase the amount we pay for everything by a small amount at a time. Here in the states this is called "nickle and diming us to death!" It's the cumulative effect of hundreds, or thousands, of "small" bills and or fees that are crushing our economy.. And of course what is initially a $3.00 bill p/month creeps to $5.00 p/month and then $7.00, seemingly forever until one day, without you noticing, that $3.00 p/month bill is now a $15.00 p/month bill!

In my opinion what this country / economy needs is deflation and yet the Federal reserve Bank, with the blessings of our kleptocratic government, continually strive to create inflation. To continually attempt to force the citizens of this country to borrow, spend and invest.

The house is all electric with a wood burning stove that we plan to heat with in the winter months (and plenty of trees to fuel it ;) At some point in the future we plan to look into solar power as well so we can tell Empire District Electric to kiss our ass too.

At any rate all the saving add up to greatly increase our cash flow. (Which is a good thing :)

And the property is just gorgeous ;)

(Please ignore the dates on the pictures.. Camera wasn't set right after battery change ;) Actual date taken today July 2nd, 2013)

Here's the upgraded front yard..

And the new backyard..

And finally the new "farm" puppies (thanks sis!)

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for peeking ;)


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